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Mickey Rourke’s Bad Plastic Surgery Past

If you’re wondering how to look like Mickey Rourke, bad cosmetic surgery and boxing are the answers to your questions. Once a major heart throb in the 1980s, particularly in movies like Angel Heart where Rourke played a private detective in classic noir fashion, Rourke took his good looks for granted.

After acting he went into boxing, where he fared passingly well as a professional fighter.

Like some other stars of past and present, it also cost him his good looks (see also Bruce Jenner and Steve Martin before and after surgery).

Mickey Rourke cosmetic surgery before and after pictures (image hosted by finkweb.org)Of course that didn’t stop his acting career, and he’s since come back with great films like The Wrestler, Sin City and playing the villain in Iron Man 2. Mickey Rourke is also one of the very rare celebrities that fully admits he’s had plastic surgery done, and goes even further to describe it as celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

What Cosmetic Surgery Did Mickey Rourke Have Done?

Mickey Rourke's surgery gone wrong (image hosted by dailymail.co.uk)Mickey Rourke’s admitted plastic surgery procedures have been on his face.

He has certainly not had more procedures than Cindy Jackson, the Guinness Book of Records holder for the most cosmetic procedures on a single person (see Cindy Jackson).He’s had his nose re-shaped and re-built with five separate surgeries, and he’s had cartilage removed from his ear.

He’s also admitted to having facial reconstruction surgery done on his cheek.

Beyond all of these facial procedures though there are further rumors that Mickey has also had a facelift (see natural facelift without plastic surgery) that went badly.

It can sometimes be hard to separate the admitted surgery from the rumored surgery, especially with a plastic surgery celebrity like Mickey Rourke, but he’s only really admitted to having the reconstructive surgery on his cheek and nose, which he talked about in an interview with Britain’s Daily Mail.

Why Did Mickey Get Surgery?

Before and after - Mickey Rourke (image hosted by http://www.plasticcelebritysurgery.com)For those that have never seen a professional boxing match, they aren’t pretty affairs.  Especially when you get into the weight class that Rourke was fighting at.

While he did win 6 or the 8 professional fights he was in, 4 of them by knockout, the fists of his opponents were not kind to Rourke’s face.

He had his nose broken several times, and his cheekbone was fractured. In order to clean up the mess of his face, Rourke said, he had to get plastic surgery. But he also admits that he went to the “wrong guy” to get the reconstruction done.

Rourke needed to get his cheekbone fixed, and his nose, since the scar tissue from the injuries just wasn’t healing correctly.

Mickey Rourke before and after photos (image hosted by makemyheal.com)Surgeons had to take cartilage from his ear in order to try and fix his nose, which had been broken at least twice during his stint as a fighter.

Between the injuries he’d received, the poor choice of surgeon and the sheer number of procedures that he’s undergone, it’s no wonder that Mickey Rourke’s appearance has changed so dramatically from what it once was in his hey day in the 1980s.

Of course Rourke probably had one of the best reasons for getting plastic surgery in Hollywood, and as a male actor it can be a hard thing to admit. But if he needs to get future plastic surgery, Mickey Rourke should know enough to do it right this time.

Mickey Rourke – Face Morph Video

This is an intriguing video showing the many changing faces of Mickey Rourke over the years.

Here’s a video summary of what has happened to Mickey Rourke and why he needed surgery.

And finally another video montage.

Mickey Rourke’s Before and After Pictures

Unfortunately, Mickey Rourke is a sad example to those thinking of cosmetic enhancement surgery.  Some of the pictures and photos below give an insight into just what he has “lost”.

What is your opinion, however? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

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  1. ShadesAtKnight says:

    Keep in mind, Rourke was also in a car accident where his face ended up in the windshield.

  2. I’m pretty sure that, apart from boxing, Mickey Rourke also took part in a lot of bare-knuckle fights, so no wonder he had to have his face reconstructed. He also did a lot of drinking and drug taking, during his years of depression. which would’ve taken a toll on his skin and general bodily health. Nowadays, to me, he just looks like someone who has put on weight over the years and he looks more normal with his plastic surgery, than any of the other film stars or celebrities do. Look at people like Joan Rivers, Faye Dunaway etc, they all had surgery for vanity’s sake and have ended up looking like they all come from the same reptile family. I loved Mickey Rourke years ago and although he doesn’t look the same as he did when younger ( but then who does?) I still love Mickey Rourke now.

  3. Loved him in Angel Hart! After all he’s been through he is still one handsome devil! He doesn’t need more surgery but he absolutely needs a haridresser. That’s what looks bad. Week old stringy nasty grease-pit doesn’t work for anybody. Mickey, Wash that head and get a haircut and you’ll be good as new!

  4. susanne owens says:

    I think Mickey Rourke looks fine. The surgeries he’s had were necessary. Most of the problems were from his boxing career. I’ll love him and his work no matter what he looks like. Everyone’s looks change. He’s not 20 years old anymore and looks great for his age. If he would quit smoking and drinking he would look even better but I don’t think that is going to happen.

  5. abu nasir says:

    Mickey started getting surgery even before he ever boxed. Watch Wild Orchid from 1989 and notice how puffy his cheeks look. Those are implants. They eventually relaxed and his face went back to normal during the early 90s. He started again with the cheek implants around 94-95 and you can really notice the in the 1996 movie Bullet. Around 97-98 Mickey received a bad facelift that eliminated his side burns from his face and more cheek implants and a nose job. He also started getting injections to make his lips fatter and he might have got his eyes and chin done. These procedures relaxed somewhat around the year 2000. He looked a lot different but he still looked normal. It was in the early 2000s where he really fucked up with another facelift, eye lift and botox injections. ALOT of the photos you see in articles about him being a plastic surgery disaster are from around that time. I dont believe that Mickey’s surgeries were ever necessary but he was someone who didnt know how to deal with his success and then when he lost it all, he didnt know how to deal with that either. I believe his surgeries reflect the pain inside of him. Amazing actor.

  6. Mickey….you are my boy. In one of his songs…..Lou Rawls talks about this old man Mr. Jenkins) sitting in the park watching the children play and growing old gracefully.

    I’m 66 and I believe that I have grown old gracefully….than God. I wish that everyone out there can grow old gracefully and if not….try and deal with it. It’s better than the alternative….buried six feed down.

  7. I’ve always had a thing for Mickey. He’s still handsome and still has that sexy voice! I”ll always get that funny feeling inside me when I see his movies and hear that voice.

  8. Jay Olson says:

    What many don’t know is that after the 1989 movie Angle Hart he had his ball skin slapped on his forehead. The technical term for this surgery is a foreskin slapectomy. Then in about 1990 he made the terrible decision to get DSL injections in his lips. Another sad thing that few are aware of is that the addiction hasn’t stopped. After sharing a motel room with Bill Murray while filming the Oscar winning film Passion Play, Murray and Rourke developed an intense love affair. Eventually thier mutual love for plastic surgery, boxing and man on man action got the best of them. I have information from a trusted source that Bill Murray donated the skin from his inner buttox to help Rourke’s saggy neck surgery. Also Rourke’s eyelids have been replaced with newborn baby foreskins. I think we can all agree that Mickey is one of the very few good examples of smart plastic surgery decisions. One word… Bravo!

  9. Jackie Elsner says:

    He was the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in my life. The looks, and most of all the demeaner. Love, love, love him.

  10. Susan Horton says:

    Doesn’t matter what he’s done to his face. He’s still the Mickey I’ve always loved for his daring and depth of emotions. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. He’s genuine and an inveterate dog lover. God bless him.

  11. Mickey is one of the best looking men to ever come out of Hollywood. I saw him on Jimmy Fallon, just tonight, and he looks in great shape and as handsome as ever. You still make me quiver Mickey!

  12. He was great in 9 1/2 weeks, and extraordinary in the Sin City movies. The disfigurement and his added bulk and muscle made him larger than life. Even more so than Arnie IMHO . OK, his face now looks like that kid actor Will Poulter will at his age. But at least he has an excuse!

  13. Merrissa says:

    No matter what I still have mad love for you Mickey!!

  14. First off watch some of his fights on YouTube they are a joke, he never gets hit let alone in the face. All his problems is too many bad plastic surgeries. And to the person he had bare fisted fights if him and his people won’t let him get hit with gloves, what makes you think he would fight any legitimate fight gloves or bare knuckle. He is a fraud as a fighter period.

  15. Oh God, I love Mickey. Always have, always will. He is the sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on. His movies are unbelievable. He is one hell of man!

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