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There seems to be an ongoing competition as to who can get more rumors going between the actresses in Hollywood and the singers and performers in the music industry; especially considering all of the Nicki Minaj plastic surgery speculations flying around.

For those that don’t listen to pop music or rap, Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian American rap artist who broke onto the scene in a big way.

Nicki Minaj before and after a nose job (image courtesy of unique, stutter step style of rap was refreshing, and it captured fans’ attention in such a way that she quickly ate up regular space in the four or five songs that a radio station is allowed to play every few hours.

Of course with fame and fans comes public scrutiny, and as with countless actors and singers before her the public is asking whether or not Nicki Minaj’s exotic looks are really all hers or if she’s yet another plastic surgery celebrity.

Nicki Minaj Cosmetic Surgery Rumors

The rumors and speculations about Nicki Minaj‘s cosmetic surgery procedures reads like a laundry list of accusations that you’d expect to see from any new celebrity.

In common with Megan Fox (see Megan Fox’s plastic surgery before & after) and Heidi Montag  (see Heidi Montag before plastic surgery), there are people kicking around theories about a rhinoplasty, a nose job in common speak, because of Minaj’s slimmed down nose. Others are suggesting that she’s had breast implants, perhaps on the basis that they’re one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.

Others are suggesting that Nicki Minaj’s famous butt is actually the result of implants and celebrity plastic surgery.

Of course it’s important to keep in mind just what the evidence people are using when they make observation like this. It isn’t the confessions of surgeons who did the procedures, or something as telling as a medical chart or even X-rays showing implants.

Nicki Minaj and the question of butt implants before and after? (image courtesy of’re using what most of us are using when we try to see if someone’s had plastic surgery; their eyes and celebrity before and after plastic surgery photos.

And yes it’s true if you look at pictures of Nicki Minaj now and when she first came onto the scene she does look different. But then again who wouldn’t look different with that sort of money to spend on their appearance?

A change in the way you look can be accounted for in a lot of ways, particularly if you have the money to access the tricks of the Hollywood trade.

For instance variation in a picture can make you think there’s something there that isn’t. A different angle for the shot, a different background, different lighting or even just a different distance to the subject can all account for why a celebrity like Nicki Minaj might look one way in one picture and another way in another picture.

Additionally appearance can be altered through the clever use of cosmetic, especially slimming down the nose so that it appears more slender. Of course a change in hairstyle, clothes and even just a color scheme can make a photograph from a later session seem to reveal supposed changes.

And lastly there is the question of time, and how someone has naturally changed in the years in question.Nicki Minaj before and after plastic surgery (images courtesy of

Nicki Minaj Before and After Surgery?

When asked about the plastic surgery rumors spreading around her, Nicki Minaj has denied having any sort of cosmetic procedures done.

There are of course people who just expect celebrities to put out denials as a matter of course, sort of hypocritical since examples of the ideal like Marilyn Monroe (see also did Marilyn Monroe have plastic surgery?) got that way through the help of talented plastic surgeons.

But while Minaj has said she loves, “being a conversation piece,” she has continued to deny any and all rumors that she’s had plastic surgery at all.

This is where things get a little tricky for the discerning celebrity watcher.

Yes, it is possible that Nicki Minaj is simply lying, and it’s also possible that she really hasn’t gotten work done and that what people are seeing is a result of carefully crafted fashion and cosmetic illusion.

Of course there’s also an in between option; that people are accusing Nicki Minaj of getting the wrong procedures done.

Has Nicki Minaj had plastic surgery? (image courtesy of for example a similar case with Kim Kardashian (see plastic surgery, Kim K, then and now). People kept speculating that her butt was the result of implants, so Kardashian got an X-ray on her show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The X-ray showed that there were no implants in her backside, but it didn’t rule out other possibilities.

While it is quite possible that Minaj doesn’t have implants in her famous backside, it is possible that she got something like a Brazilian butt lift, where fat is liposuctioned out of some parts of the body and then put back into the butt to give it a fuller, cushier look.

Something akin to Lil Kim’s professional appearance, fitting since many people keep comparing Minaj and Kim as both artists and as subjects of plastic surgery speculations and scandals.

Of course if a star like Nicki Minaj wants to be coy about what celebrity plastic surgery procedures she has or hasn’t had done, that’s technically her business.

While a picture can be worth a thousand words, you aren’t sure if those words are the right ones.

And if you’re convinced that a celebrity has gotten plastic surgery then when you’re comparing the supposed before and after pictures you’re going to be looking for those differences. So it’s important that you carefully weigh the facts before you decide that a given celebrity has or hasn’t really gotten plastic surgery.

Short of finding someone willing to testify to Nicki Minaj’s actually surgery or lack of cosmetic surgery all we’re really left with are theories and speculations. Is it possible that Nicki Minaj got surgery during her downtimes to enhance her look and her career?

Absolutely. Did she manage to avoid all of the media and fan attention while going under the knife and keeping herself hidden away and beyond suspicion for all of the recovery time? Sure that’s possible, but keep in mind how hard it really is to hide anything when you’re a successful singer.

Nicki Minaj Before & After Video Comparison

Some people, however, have taken to Youtube to create their own video photo compilations in order to suggest or even prove that Nicki Minaj has had plastic surgery.  Here’s one such production.

And here’s an excellent video summary from which presents the case for a nose job, butt implants and then some.

So, we can only really speculate as to Nicki Minaj plastic surgery.

But what do you think?


  1. You people are too polite YES. She is totally plastic and so fake and phony if only little girls knew how plastic she is!

  2. Thank you, we probably are. But you have to have clear indisputable evidence before you can make such statements. Thanks for your input though.

  3. This is kinda weird!

  4. i love nicki shes so pretty i like how she looks today and before who cares if she wanna be a barbie shes pretty anyway like i wish i can be her.

  5. Nicki fan says:

    Oh my gosh yes!! She has gotten plastic surgery and honestly I thought she was beautiful before. Especially when she got dressed up. I don’t really see the reason for the nose, boob, or butt implant. Her body was nice the way it was. I hate it when people do that to themselves. Her ass just looks disgusting now because its soo big!! But regardless I am still a Nicki fan. She has talent, heart and ambition. I admire that.

  6. Love Nicki says:

    She is an amazing artist and I always bump to her music but damn! Her butt was not naturally like that. Its humanly impossible. All fat does not go to one area of your body. She is thin but has a large rear end. And to keep cellulite out of an area that fat in real life? Good Luck!
    She know she is a barbie, she calls herself one in her songs all the time. It brings her attention and that is all that matters. Hey maybe its just something she can ‘put on’ like a costume before and remove after her performances! 😉

  7. Yes indeed she may have fake features but shes not gonna be THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE she wanted to be different so let her……….don’t judge her because she loves herself for what she has and who she is, she may look crazy to you , but she loves her image which attracts her fans and that’s all that counts. Not everyone is gonna look like how you want them too, that’s what makes the world so interesting , because you run across different things.

  8. I feel for you people. Who would actually say that I they want to be this woman. That she has talent and heart. Are you a misguided thirteen year old. If you’re an adult, I feel for you. You children should remember one teaching: “above all else to thine own self be true.” No person that surgically alters themselves to look like something other than God made them has heart. You people are mindless sheep. Turn on MTV, BET and VHI or whatever crap you watch.

  9. lIFE IS 2 JAZZY says:

    JOHN DOE… I completely agree. Plastic surgery is such a horrible thing. I personally think she looked better before. Though I for one don’t care for her work, but WHATEVER… The thing is, music is not what it used to be and apparently meaningless words with a rediculous beat in the background is what it’s all about now!! And I’m only 23 so it’s not really about age as much as it is class!

  10. her ass now has an almost unnatural looking shape to it

  11. She never got surgery in her face, she said it’s only a lot of make-up; there’s a technique in make-up to make your nose look thinner, anyways the only part she got implants was in the butt. Her boobs are real; If you see pictures from before they look the same size, she only uses a push-up bra, for me they look natural; they aren’t big anyways.

  12. ophelia green says:

    i don’t think people should do these thing i think they should stay the way how GOD made them and some of them are devils sooo that made no difference in there lives and plastic surgery can not come off and for Niki manaj can do whatever they want to do because its there live and there job like there sluts ………………… i expect better from the elder

  13. it wasnt nothing wrong wit ha nose before now dat bit flat lols

  14. Who cares is she’s operated if i would have as much as money as she does i am pretty sure i would of done the same just like all of us have done it too… Of course i would spent thousands dollars on my body face and everything to make me look prettier and im not a fan of her i actually hardly ever hear her music but i hate how we hate on people just cause we got as much as she has or anyone.

  15. Nissifrancis says:

    Money talks! Haters hate in vain!

  16. Nissifrancis says:

    Money talks! Haters hate in vain!
    Some folks are just getting themselves unnecessarily jealous, everyone one has the right to plastic surgery, so far you have the money. It does’nt matter whether you are plastic or natural, i dont care, what is relevant is how beautiful you are. Sefini!

  17. Well i dont think that niki should have had plastic sugury every is unic in there own way

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