Nikki Cox

The change in her appearance has prompted Nikki Cox cosmetic surgery speculations to rear their head.

An American actress whose currently in her early 30s, Cox is best known for her roles on shows like Unhappily Ever After, Las Vegas and Nikki.

Cox has been acting ever since she was a child, beginning as a dancer and moving into cameos on various television shows like Baywatch and Eerie Indiana before landing more major roles on the shows that she’s currently known for best.

And despite her relative youth, even by Hollywood standards, it appears that Cox may have tried to increase her already stunning looks, and as a result become the victim of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Has Nikki Cox Had Plastic Surgery?

While perhaps not on the same page as Halle Berry’s or Catherine Zeta Jones’ cosmetic surgery gossip, Nikki Cox’s changed appearance has been noted.Nikki Cox - before and after? (image hosted by my

Photographs of her attending a sporting event have showcased the points that people are speculating on.

Cox’s lips, always full, appear to be swollen while her breasts seem to have grown smaller. She also appears to have lost weight.

But is this the result of bad plastic surgery?

No one has come forward to formally accept or deny the charges, so speculation is left twisting in the wind and fans have to wonder whether or not Nikki Cox has become another plastic surgery celebrity.

However sites like and have decided to step into the breach and to lay out some of their observations for the interested public to chew over and see what sticks and what doesn’t.

Nikki’s Before and After Pictures?

It appears that all of the sources that report speculation agree that Nikki Cox had work done, even if there has been no official statement made.

However, these unconfirmed rumors are backed up by photographs of the actress who, if celebrity plastic surgery is indeed involved, appears to have become an almost completely different person after the procedure(s) were completed.

Cox’s lips have plumped to the point that it has changed her profile almost entirely, the fullness of her breasts has vanished, and according to some of the opinions offered at it looks as if Nikki Cox aged 20 years in the space of less than one.

And looking at the photographic “evidence” that magazines and fans alike have turned to, it seems pretty compelling that these changes aren’t the result of nature taking its course.

However, it is important that readers take all reports with a grain of salt. This is especially true when there is no confirmation available as to just what happened to a given actress.

After all, Hollywood has been built on the idea of plastic surgery, and it was talented doctors that gave Marilyn Monroe her signature appearance.

So, is it really so surprising that actresses still go under the knife today, and that it is entirely possible the Nikki Cox plastic surgery rumors are true?

Before & After Photo Gallery

What do you think?  Did Nikki Cox get plastic surgery?  Take a look at our video montage and some of the differences are quite stark and equally staggering.

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