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Has Olivia Newton-John Had Cosmetic Surgery

Olivia Newton-John was born on September 26, 1948 in Cambridge, England but was raised in Australia.

Has Olivia Newton-John had plastic surgery? (image hosted by everydayhealth.com)She is a singer and an actress who is most famously known for her movie role in the movies Grease and Xanadu and for her hit songs You’re The One That I Want (duet with John Travolta), I Honestly Love You and Physical.

Olivia has been a long time activist for environmental issues and animal rights. Since her survival with breast cancer in 1992, Olivia has been an advocate of health awareness.

Olivia Newton-John: “I Would Never Say Never”

Olivia Newton-John after botox or cosmetic enhancements? (image hosted by thirdage.com)According to Ms. Newton-John back in 2005, she had not had any plastic surgery. However, her face began to take on a certain transformation over the years. Her thoughts at the time concerning surgery?

“I haven’t had plastic surgery yet, though I would never say never. However, I would like to think that I won’t because the thought of it is an uncomfortable one. I think I’m just fortunate, genetically, and I’ve always said that I want to age gracefully like my mum did.

Olivia Newton-John after plastic surgery? (image hosted by celebritypicnic.com)There are still many rumors surrounding Ms. Newton-John and is possibly one of those celebrities who went under the knife. People also speculate about other celebrities and their choice of surgeries, like the Diane Sawyer cosmetic surgery rumors.

Some of the procedures that Ms. Newton-John was supposed to have had are blepharoplasty done on her eyelids, a facelift and brow-lift.

Olivia Newton-John Before and After Pictures?

There are a few before and after pictures of Ms. Newton-John around the internet. Fans, and people who are just interested in general, look to these pictures to try to come to some conclusion on whether the star had anything done to her face.

Olivia Newton-John looked youthful and vibrant before 2005 and pictures surfaced of her looking older, then looking younger again.

Some say that her plastic surgery is plastic surgery gone wrong and that her once youthful appearance is now botched. Olivia’s face appears to be plumper in areas where fat grafting could have been used, her jawline is tight and she lacks any sign of jowls. It is widely suggested that she has at least had Botox treatments.

Ms. Newton-John may or may not have had plastic surgery to alter her face but she did have reconstructive surgery after undergoing a radical mastectomy according to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure website.

The rumors surrounding Olivia Newton-John are about as speculative as the Michelle Pfeiffer surgery rumors. Michelle Pfeiffer is a fellow Grease star, having starred in Grease 2.

Olivia Newton-John before and after pictures 1978 - 2010 (image hosted by tmz.com)

Both Newton-John and Pfeiffer look amazing for their ages and if they had surgery, they look nothing like other celebrity plastic surgeries gone wrong.

Since Olivia Newton-John has stated before that she would like to age gracefully like her mother, it is very unlikely that she would admit to having any form of plastic surgery now.

People of the world will have to keep wondering about Olivia Newton-John, her possible plastic surgery and what exactly she may have had done.

Maybe she was simply blessed with good genes.

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