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Patricia Heaton’s cosmetic surgery rumors vary wildly, but it is true that she’s had some work done on herself.

Born on March 4th, 1958, Heaton is a  mother of 4, an actress, comedienne, producer and model. She’s perhaps best known for her stint on Everybody Loves Raymond for which she won several awards, but she’s also been on shows like Back to You and The Middle.

A busy woman, Heaton fully admits to the celebrity plastic surgery that she underwent in order to make herself happier with her body after all of the stress she’d put it though having and then breast feeding 4 children.

Patricia Heaton’s: I Had Cosmetic Surgery

According to her own words, Heaton’s had both a breast reduction and a tummy tuck.

Quoted at Make Me Heal, a website dedicated to tracking what celebrities have gotten what procedures and when (the Lady Gaga plastic surgery rumors and statements are an interesting page all on their own), Heaton has spoken openly about her surgery and her reasons for getting it.

Summing up and paraphrasing, she wanted to be able to fit into the dresses and gowns she could afford with her career being the way it was, but after four children and breastfeeding time and stress had taken its toll on her.

So she decided that she would have her breasts reduced, and the spare skin of her stomach that hung due to her pregnancies removed as well. And for the most part Heaton escaped the curse of awful plastic surgery, except for one thing you might notice in her photographs.

Patricia Heaton – Before and After Pictures

Something that lots of people don’t know is that when you have a tummy tuck you often lose your belly button.

The procedure can lead to all sorts of problems regarding the blood flow to that particular location, especially since the tuck is ended down in the bikini line to hide the scars from the procedure. So in addition to looking younger, fitter and like a woman that has never had 4 children, Heaton’s belly button is mysteriously missing in many of her pictures.

Then again only those looking for the results of celebrity plastic surgery, the same sorts that always wonder about Priscilla Presley’s plastic surgery speculations, would really notice the missing navel in the pictures Heaton has had taken in her swim wear.

Far from being disappointed about her missing stomach accessory (that some would argue is certainly an example of plastic surgery gone wrong), Heaton has openly stated that she is very pleased with the results of her plastic surgery procedures.

This is a pretty big change for anyone coming out of Hollywood, where there’s a lot of denial and cloak and dagger about who’s had what surgery done to them, why, where, when and by who.

Heaton’s also remarked on that piece of culture, saying, “There is an awful lot of illusion in Hollywood, but it’s better to be honest if you can.

A sentiment that lots of people can surely get behind, especially those that find the Patricia Heaton plastic surgery admission refreshing in the Hollywood climate.

Patricia Heaton Photo Gallery

What’s your opinion of Patricia Heaton’s foray into the world of cosmetic surgery?


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