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Has Preity Zinta Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Preity Zinta, a star of Indian film, is one of the most famous actresses in India.

In 2003, Zinta won Filmfare’s award for Best Actress and continued starring in many more award-winning films.

Preity Zinta plastic surgery? (image hosted by established her title as leading actress of Hindi cinema by being the female lead in India’s three highest-grossing films of 2003: The Hero: Love Story of a Spy, Koi…Mil Gaya, and Kal Ho Naa Ho.

Zinta’s perfect dimpled smile charmed the hearts of millions. Her charm and down to earth personality made her one of India’s favorite actresses.

Preity Zinta Before Cosmetic Surgery

Zinta, like many other famous stars may have fallen for the celebrity plastic surgery “syndrome”.

Many others have trodden that path before – see Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock. Rumors have spread about whether this Bollywood star has undergone plastic surgery.

Preity Zinta - looking for more Western Hollywood look? (image hosted by

Zinta’s face structure is visibly much more defined now then it was during her earlier years. The question is if Zinta has had plastic surgery or is it loss of baby fat around her cheekbones that created her perfectly speckled dimples.

Before & After Comparison of Preity Zinta

Compare to Zinta’s ‘before’ picture, her facial structure is very different from her after picture. Before, Zinta’s natural broad jaw bones created a rounder and less structured face.

Her ‘after’ pictures suggest that she had went under the knife to create a more structured face and oval shape.

A more angled jawline and a smaller straighter nose suggest that she has had a combination of face lip, facial fillers, and implants.

Zinta’s eyes also look different compared to before. The upperlid and the side of her eyes look like they have been lifted. Although the changes could be a result of age and the powerful result of makeup, Zinta’s ‘after’ pictures do show a much more narrow and well structured face.

Is Preity Zinta Trying For A ‘Hollywood’ Look?

It seems like many Bollywood stars are trying to achieve the Hollywood look – smaller straight noses with more defined face structures.

But is this look better or worst on Zinta? Is this an example of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong?

Her babyish charm and innocent face is gone. Replacing this look, is a more mature “eastern” beauty. Her timeless apple dimples that were loved by millions of fans, although still visible, are no longer the defining feature of Zinta’s face.

She has departed from the “bubbly” look and is now trending a sophisticated and graceful look.

The procedure on her jawline has had a direct impact on Zinta’s face. Zinta’s childish charm is gone.

Perhaps, this difference has an impact on her down to earth screen presence that once made her famous. A drastic change from the adorable actress in the drama, Kya Kehna, to being listed as #41 by UK magazine Eastern Eye one of “Asia’s Sexiest Women” (Sept/ 2006).

It appears that Zinta has undergone celebrity plastic surgery. Take a look at the pictures above and decide for yourself.


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