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Has Queen Noor Had Cosmetic Surgery?

If Queen Noor has gone under the knife, then she is surely the first real Queen to have done so.

Before becoming Queen Noor of Jordan, Lisa Najeeb Halaby was born in Washington, D.C. to an Arab-American family on August 23, 1951.

Had Queen Noor of Jordan had plastic surgery? (image hosted by harrywalker.com)She was the oldest of three children and went on to receive a BA in Urban Planning and Architecture from Princeton University in 1973.

After graduating, her interest in the Middle East increased while working for Royal Jordanian Airlines. During a social event focused on the development of the Queen Alia Airport, she met and befriended King Hussein of Jordan.

Queen Noor and King Hussein of Jordan (image hosted by http://olbigjimsplace.blogspot.com)In 1978, the couple got engaged and married. She renounced her American citizenship, acquired Jordanian citizenship, converted to Islam and was renamed Noor Al-Hussein by her husband.

Even though Queen Noor is known for her work that’s focused on conservation, sustainable development, cross-cultural understanding and human rights, it’s hard to overlook the drastic change in her appearance, which suggests that she could have had more than the odd plastic surgery procedure.

Not only has her appearance altered , it also has affected the people’s perception of their Queen.

Queen Noor Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong?

Queen Noor plastic surgery? (image hosted by zimbio.com)Many people may think Queen Noor looks great for a woman in her retiring years.

However, when looking at her face, you instantly see that it’s expressionless. There are no wrinkles or lines to be spotted. Her face doesn’t move, regardless of the emotions she’s trying to convey.

This raises the suspicion that she’s no stranger to frequent Botox injections.

Similar to other celeb plastic surgery, such as Janice Dickinson’s plastic surgery and Melanie Griffith, it appears that Queen Noor could have fallen victim to the possibility of bad plastic surgery and excessive cosmetic work.

Comparing Before & After Photos

Speculations rise when comparing plastic surgery gone wrong before and after pictures of Queen Noor.

Queen Noor in her younger days possibly before any plastic surgery? (image hosted by kinghusseinfoundation.org)Photos of the queen taken in 2000, show a round tired-looking face, with excess skin around the neckline. They also show many wrinkles and lines around her eyes and mouth.

Fast-forward to 2004, when photos show a different-looking, more polished woman. Her nose is believed to have been altered, her neck looks more defined, and her lips and cheekbones also appear more prominent.

Additionally, her glowing skin may be due to various laser or chemical treatments, which eliminate age spots, blemishes and creeping moles.

The facial lines she displayed years earlier have mysteriously disappeared.

Obvious Bad Plastic Surgery?

Queen Noor before plastic surgery? (image hosted by albawaba.com)

Queen Noor’s cosmetic enhancements it seems have also had a disastrous effect on her reputation.

Islam calls for women and men to dress and behave modestly.

Jordanians have lost respect for their Queen, who they feel doesn’t live up to this. They feel she indulges in overly concerned with looking young, expensive jewelry and clothes.

Reports have mentioned that the government-controlled press wasn’t allowed to print any photos of the queen during her recovery from an alleged nose job which only served to confirm the speculations surrounding Queen Noor plastic surgery.

Queen Noor Before & After Photo Gallery

What do you think? Did Queen Noor go under the knife?

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  1. QX Heim says:

    ‘then she is surely the first real Queen to have done so’

    This is unfortunately not true! H.M. Queen Sylvia of Sweden has done it long before Queen Noor al Hussein.

  2. Whether she s done plastic surgery or not she was and still the most beautiful Queen in history (look at her majesty). Jordanians have not lost respect for their queen as you say but have respected her majesty for her modest looks and humbleness; (You may be stopping at a traffic light and by chance her majesty may be seen driving near you herself with no buzzing or closing streets for the royal to pass by, being a Queen and at a high security position I think this is very modest actually). I suggest you go back to the history and biography of her majesty very well before you bring about how she met his majesty and where she worked before she got married to his majesty king Hussein of Jordan. I personally cant see any proof from your article and photos that really she has gone any sort of plastic surgery except for the shiny skin and maybe true that she may be trying to remove dark spots and blemishes by using some type of a hygienic soap or a steam vaporizer, don’t most of us do so !!

  3. Good for her! Shouldn’t this be an individual choice and decision?! Why the people of Jordan are bothered by her cosmetic surgery. Come’n people, wake up and mind your own business!!!

  4. Since Queen Noor is a widow and unlikely to ever again have a husband or even be exposed to male company, given the tenets of her religion, why shouldn’t she at least have the pleasure of trying to improve her looks to comfort herself? Her son wasn’t chosen to be king as she had hoped, and her relationship with the present king isn’t particularly pleasant. She has to have his permission to leave the country and her baggage is searched before she travels to make certain she isn’t carrying any jewelry or othrr valuable trinkets out the the country. We used to see her on television espousing women’s causes, etc., but since the present king took over, she has virtually vanished from public view. She must lead a very lonely life. It’s her business if she wants to try to look better. She doesn’t look half as bad as some of the Hollywood “celebrities” who have had disastrous results from plastic surgery.

  5. Barbara Ryan says:

    I am all for plastic surgery. If she had some. Good for her. She was beautiful then and is beautiful now!!!

  6. Good for her!!!!!

  7. Suzanne says:

    Queen Noor is a woman of excellent character and good heart. The world would be MUCH better off if Farah Pahlavi and the Shah, and Queen Noor and her King, remained in power to this very day. In fact, IF Queen Noor had anything to say about it, I AM CERTAIN THAT THE JORDAN CODICES would have been FULLY AND HONESTLY TRANSLATED and that content SHARED OPENLY WITH HUMANITY AROUND THIS PLANET by now. As for ‘plastic surgery’ and whether or not she has opt ed to undergo any procedures is not only HER PRIVATE business – but it shows the shallowness of those who seek to ‘focus’ on that – sort of like these same trifling types do with President Donald Trump. The would MUCH RATHER IGNORE the creation of millions of jobs, a consistent rise in the stock market, the clearly lifted morale of loyal Americans, the weeding OUT of corrupt elements everywhere, and his unwavering LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE which HAS AND CONTINUES to ACHIEVE INROADS TOWARDS TRUE and MEASURABLE PROSPERITY IN SPITE of the improper opposition by traitors within. And yet – idiots everywhere shall IGNORE all of that, in favor of MAKING an ‘issue’ out of how quickly or slowly he blinks his eyes, etc. Queen Noor has brought much joy to people, and she used her position of influence to DO GOOD in this world. Queen Noor, who is a lovely woman to this very day, ALWAYS WAS, and SO REMAINS BEAUTIFUL WHERE IT COUNTS THE MOST – ON THE INSIDE!! NOTHING can modify that for better or worse.

  8. So what Half the world does it, if it Helps you look better if you have the cash to do it! Queen Noor is a Lovely Lady, & if she meets some body to Marry again why not …. it’s 2017 Get with it Folks we have but a short Time on the Earth plain.. the Universe is Billions of years old.. Queen Alia was Lovely too All best wishes to Jordan.

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