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What happened to Robert Redford the heart throb of the eighties and what about the possibility of him having cosmetic surgery?

Born in 1936 ,Robert is now 75 years old and many fans are asking whether he had work done on his face or body.  One of the most well known movie stars of the late seventies and early eighties, Robert Redford has since faded out of the limelight to concentrate on other interests.

Robert started out as a baseball star, but lost a scholarship because of drunkenness. He then went on to study art and live the artistic life in Europe and the USA.

A younger looking Robert Redford (image hosted by decided to study acting in New York and then got his first staring role in Butch Cassidy and The Sun-Dance Kid. He later went on to play starring roles in The Sting, and The Way We Were.

After completing numerous other films, Redford moved to Utah where he founded the famous Sun-Dance Film Festival and became interested in politics and local government.

Has Robert Redford Been Under The Knife?

Because Robert Redford was born with red hair and fair skin near the beach in Santa Monica, California, he may have had a head start with wrinkles.

Spending a lot of time in the sun his entire life may have put Robert at a disadvantage when it comes to retaining youthful-looking skin in old age.  At age seventy five he says that he will never have plastic surgery. However, some knowledgeable people have said otherwise.

Robert Redford in 2009 (image hosted by Peter Geldner, assistant clinical professor at the University of Illinois, thinks that his latest pictures show there has definitely been some work done to his upper and lower eyes:

There is no doubt he’s had an eye-lift,‘ he said after studying pictures of Redford.

The upper lid has been reduced and much of the skin that was hooding the upper lid is gone. The lower lid has also been operated on.’

‘It’s opened up his eyes very nicely and has made him seem more awake.

When looking at some celebrities who have had bad plastic surgery, Nikki Cox and Barry Manilow stand out as two examples of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

[Robert Redford celebrity profile]

Robert’s results are more subtle, however, so we are not sure whether he has had plastic surgery or not. Some celebrities’ plastic surgeons have gone too far and left them with results that are less than realistic. There are plenty of picture examples as well as bad plastic surgery stories to go along with these pictures.

Everyone is familiar with the cosmetic surgery Michael Jackson had and the facial deformities that went along with it.

Did Robert Redford Have An Eye-Lift?

If Robert Redford did have a eye-lift, the results are good and only go towards making him look a bit more awake and younger.

Redford has always been one of the best looking movie stars in history and is still a handsome man in old age.

Blepharoplasty is the medical name for a eye-lift and it is one of the most commonly surgeries for widening the eyes to make them look more open.  It is sometimes even prescribed by doctors and covered by insurance when droopy eyes interfere with vision.

So if Robert Redford plastic surgery rumors may be true, the surgery he received was probably justified and helped him look a bit more fresh.

Robert Redford Photo Gallery

The jury appears to be out on the subject of Robert Redford and his possible foray into the world of cosmetic enhancements.  But what is your opinion?

Did he have an eye-lift?  Take a look at our gallery below and leave a comment below to join the debate.

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  1. I liked his looks better before he had the eyelid surgery!!!

    • Me too the eyes look funny now not real

    • johnsnare says:

      Another huge mistake. Redford, one of Hollywoods, best looking guys, and he screws around with plastic. Bob, you could have grown old gracefully,with some wrinkles, and still be a great looking guy.

    • I liked him lots better before. With his ‘awake’ eyes it reminds me of when Mel Gibson’s eyes were taped open in Conspiracy Theory. Sp sad

  2. Linda Moore says:

    I love he’s movies he is a Great actor ,
    Love all he’s movies !!……:)

  3. Linda Dhennin says:

    I was in Ophthalmology for 30 years. 90% of lid surgeries were medically necessary because the drooping lids were interfering with peripheral vision which can cause problems with driving, especially at night. If Mr. Redford had lid surgery it was for medical reasons. He has the money to have anything he wants done but he hasn’t. He has grown older gracefully and with dignity unlike the majority of Hollywood. Mr. Redford is more interested in helping others, nature and this country.
    Give the guy a break. He’s handsome still BECAUSE he’s proud of who he has grown into. He is a hunk and always will be!

    • So Agree!

    • Thank you Linda. I couldn’t have said it better myself !!! Robert Redford was and still is the most charismatic ,captivating actor in cinematic history.

    • Linda you are so right-on ! No ones business what Robert choses to do.. He’s earned the right! Great actor, director and human being, in my opinion .
      I know first hand about extra weight over the eyes causing vision problems. I have had this for a long time and never thought that surgery would be an option. However I’m not as fortunate and could never afford it. If I could, I would go tomorrow and have it done. Scared of so many doctors
      Messing people up also. But, i would do it.
      Thanks for being so honest and not attacking a great person such as Robert Redford!

    • Anthea Reilly says:

      Absolutely spot on. Robert Redford has allowed his wrinkles to show. He is, indeed, growing older gracefully. Your comments were extremely helpful. Thank you.

  4. Of course he has had work done. On his hair too.

  5. I wouldn’t turn him down!

  6. He should not had eye plastic surgery He looks like beedy, eyes like a bird And I believe his hair is full and beautiful just like my 83 yr old husband Of the same Irish/scot ‘s. My husband silver grey blonde is beautiful and full the red has gone I’d like to see robert get the red out of his hair the red with the grey sideburns looks aged and he could have the eyes done over We want to see our heros on the big screen looking good Like Clark gable did So don’t get mad at this you are a great actor and director Just give us a Looks great on the big screen Again You can be an old looking great actor Like so many before you Robert is a proud man but pride goes before the fall So as a dedicated fan Please forgive the truth

    • Sandy, you might want to invest in some English grammar & punctuation lessons. Your poor use of the language and baffling sentence structure leave a lot to be desired—mainly the intent of what you are trying to say.

      • I thought the replies were for Mr. Redford’s plastic surgery. Not, for criticism on someone else’s grammar and punctuation.
        Staying on point, I think he has aged very well and I see no serious evidence of plastic surgery.

  7. Patt Ventrella says:

    Redford’s movies were always great and clean language’!!!!!!!!!!!! What a disaster with today’s movies. Keep up the good work, however, I don’t believe he has filmed the truth about the CPS system in Chicagoland series coming up. You have to be a teacher or know a teacher to know the real truth., to speak the true facts.
    About the eye lift, that’s his decision, there’s more important things in life to be concerned about, number one,GLOBEL WARNING
    Go for it, RED!!

  8. david knoll says:

    He should have kept acting and his nose out of politics. How easy to be a flaming Lib, when you are worth Millions of dollars. Too bad he doesn’t remember when he was broke.

    He is just one more example of why I haven’t paid to see a movie since 2016, and before that it had been 18 years.

  9. Sherry Clark says:

    What ever he has done as good looking as he has always been he deserves to use our modern medicine to take off the sharp edge of aging. No doubt in my mind he has had work done. He looks slightly different. I give him my blessing to do some wrinkle reducing treatments. there are a lot if ways to improve wrinkles now without going under the knife. go for it Robert Just keep it on the reasonable side. He is The Great Gatsby

  10. nora ruggles says:

    In my eyes Robert Redford is a very special person that cares about other people. Don’t get into his personal life. He has given us so much of his life let him relax for a while.

  11. Redford had an assss lift too. The pics are on Radar Online.

  12. mary ann mchan says:

    Be nice to Robert Redford. Should a person have eye lid surgery for droopy eye lids, well done – it improves the vision.

  13. Louise D. Raynor says:

    Robert Redford has always been a heart throb. He’s grown older very gracefully. His movies (accept a very few) are usually SUPERB! Acting has been great for him and he has been fabulous for the movies. He is an environmentalist, political activist, very intelligent and most articulate person. As been said, he is very wealthy (well earned) but, he is an extraordinary philanthropist. No matter how much money he has or his political views, he puts his money where it’s most admirable. MORE PEOPLE SHOULD BE SO CONCERNED ABOUT OUR ENVIRONMENT. He’s an animal lover, not just horses either. Loves ”em all. HE CARES ABOUT PEOPLE and he CARES ABOUT OUR PLANET!
    KUDOS Mr. Redford! Keep acting and keep being the person you are. Best of the Best to you.

  14. My guess is… he has had his neck touched up too.

  15. carmen white says:

    In my opinion Mr.Redford done well .if Ive the money i too go and take out some lines off,and i would
    Work on fixing my smile and more oh yes! Mr. Redford i congrat. For been so brave in doing a hell of a good job.just the man you are unique.

  16. Susan Cerdan says:

    I don´t care what anyone says, Robert Redford is a great looking guy! We all age and he is coming along with us, gracefully. If he has done anything to enhance his looks, so what, he still looks great. He is an actor of substance and has created a wonderful life for himself and his family. He has a legacy to leave behind with his Sundance Film Festival and some of the great movies he has been in, which will be remembered by many. God bless him!

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