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Has Rumer Willis Had Cosmetic Surgery?

When you’re the daughter of two, prominent celebrities and your looks begin changing you’re a big target; nowhere is this more crystal clear than in the case of the Rumer Willis surgery speculations.

Rumer, who is the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis from before their marriage dissolved, is an actress of some note.

She’s actually played the child of each of her parents, in the movies Striptease and Hostage, though she’s more known for being the daughter of famous parents than for being famous in her own right, despite her talents.

Rumer Willis before and after facial plastic surgery? (image hosted by

However, Rumer has become the target for celebrity plastic surgery speculations in the same way her mother has (particularly during Demi’s marriage to Ashton Kutcher), and those that watch for plastic surgery gone wrong have been the first to point out Rumer’s changing jaw line.

Rumer Willis: Cosmetic Surgery To Modify Her Jaw Line?

Unlike the J Lo plastic surgery speculations, Rumer’s supposed procedure targeted a very noticeable part of her face; namely her jaw line.

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Rumer Willis had a wide jaw that made her easy to recognize, and in the opinions of some made her less attractive. This story broke in 2007, when it was noticed by those who keep a watch on celebrities’ changing appearances that Rumer’s face had narrowed, her distinctive jaw becoming smoother and more feminine.

Those always ready to cry foul over bad plastic surgery (in this case plastic surgery that you can recognize as having taken place) were quick to pounce on the change and to begin making comparisons to the rumors about Rumer’s mother, who had gone through a number of cosmetic procedures to maintain a youthful look while being married to a man roughly half her age.

Rumer Willis – Before and After Pictures?

While it doesn’t even reach the same league as the Heidi Montag cosmetic surgery nightmare nightmare, and most people wouldn’t refer to her as a plastic surgery celebrity, Rumer Willis’s chin has changed very distinctively.

Photographs of her show that her jaw has narrowed, which makes her face seem a little bit shorter than it was, and it eliminates some of the roundness it gave her face.

Rumer Willis plastic surgery before and after pictures? (image hosted by

This celebrity plastic surgery has meshed well with Rumer Willis’s own sense of style, and she’s altered her hairstyle and fashion to fit her altered profile. Of course with such an obvious effect it’s hard to deny the involvement of a surgeon’s scalpel in Rumer’s new look. However, that doesn’t mean it was confirmed either.

On the other hand, it’s important to consider the woman herself when discussing changes to her face. Yes Rumer’s mother is rumored to have spent a hefty amount on plastic surgery, but Rumer has been coming of age as well.

This means that the change in her face could just as easily be the handiwork of growing up, weight loss and becoming an older woman just as it could point to a talented doctor.

Since there’s been no confirmation though, chances are good that the Rumer Willis plastic surgery speculations won’t die for a while.

Rumer Willis Before & After Pictures

Clearly, with such a change in Rumer Willis’ face, there is a strong suggestion that she has had plastic surgery.  The results are extremely impressive.

But what do you think? Check out our gallery below and leave a comment to let us know.

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