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When they see her in the movies looking great many people wonder about Sandra Bullock cosmetic surgery rumors and if she had some work done to transform her from a small time actress to the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

Born on July 26, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia, the 47 year old actress has parlayed her girl-next-door looks and opera and ballet training into a career as one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood.

She has appeared in a number of very popular films. They include A Time to Kill, Speed, Ms Congeniality and The Net. She also starred in the critically acclaimed film Crash.

The year 2009 saw Sandra Bullock at her peak. She won numerous awards that year. Her role in The Blind Side even won her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Sandra Bullock before and after pictures (image hosted

Has Sandra Bullock Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Celebrity plastic surgery is so commonplace most people don’t give it a thought unless the actress denies she’s had some work done.

Younger Sandra Bullock (image hosted by’s the rub with Sandra Bullock. People say they notice subtle changes in her looks.

One magazine even quotes one of her ‘friends’ who claims Sandra Bullock has been having plastic surgery done regularly for over 15 years.

If she has, Ms. Bullock’s not telling. With the improvements in medical techniques the only way you would be able to tell is if she had some bad plastic surgery.

That’s rare indeed for a celebrity of her stature.

All Eyes Are On Sandra Bullock’s Nose

Star watchers say Sandra Bullock may have had rhinoplasty. As evidence they bandy about so-called before and after photos which appear to show a subtle difference in the shape of her nose.

The nose job theorists also trot out ‘experts’ who say the shape of her nose has remained largely the same but it has shrunk significantly.

Sandra Bullock nose job / rhinoplasty? (image hosted by

A telltale sign of a good plastic surgeon’s work they say. Radical ‘enhancements’ like Michael Jackson’ cosmetic surgeries are easy to spot.

Others shout it from the rooftops. For Joan Rivers, plastic surgery became material for her comedic routine. Many other celebrities arn’t so forthcoming.

Sandra Bullock – Did She or Didn’t She?

Much of Sandra Bullock’s life has been an open book. Her failed marriage to philandering tattoo artist Jesse James was tabloid fodder for months.

She has done a lot of bad acting in bad movies (but it seems she hasn’t succumbed to bad plastic surgery just yet!). Always the trooper, she picked up her Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress in person.

Sandra Bullock plastic surgery? (image hosted by

But some insiders say losing Ryan Gosling to a younger woman drove her to have cosmetic surgery. Others pooh-pooh that notion and Sandra isn’t talking so people are left to compare photographs and look for clues.

Many celebrities have had to face public ridicule over plastic surgery gone wrong. Sandra Bullock isn’t one of them. If she has had her features tweaked the work has been subtle and good.

Even with a nose she said her sister accidentally broke, she has gone from college drop-out, coat check and cocktail waitress to the world’s highest paid actress.

Sandra Bullock Before & After Photo Gallery

Whats your view of Sandra Bullock plastic surgery rumors?  Did she or didn’t she?

Check out our gallery below and leave a comment to let us know.

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  1. Well, good grief! Have you seen her eyes? Whomever got ahold of her face changed her race from Caucasian to Asian.

  2. Who gives a cr*p!?!?!?! Leave her alone! Honestly, the media really needs to find actual careers. Following around regular people doesn’t really classify as a job.

  3. plastic surgeon Las Vegas says:

    I don’t think she had plastic surgery. She looks same in both photos.

  4. Walt Nicholes says:

    I saw a picture in which she had a big smile – it was wider that it used to be. I’d say a lift on the sides.

  5. Exactly! That’s what I thought, too. The eyes. Personally, I feel, as with Jennifer Aniston, the changes are subtle. The only time I disagree is when people do not know how to stop, even seeing that there is destruction. On the other hand, shame on the media for making such a huge deal with the before and after, especially after the celebrity denies it. It is their business.

    • aniston had definite work on the cheeks and nose (deviated septum) but unlike lots of celebs. the botox or plastic surgery was done tastefully

  6. Miranda Anique says:

    Her eyes have always turned up at the outside edge. That is not uncommon for females Jay Good. Her eyes have not been reshaped.

  7. i think Sandra Bullock is gorgeous. If she’s had plastic , It becomes her and look so natural. When you are a natural beauty in the firs t place as
    Ms. Bullock , you don’t need much enhancement. Leave her alone.

  8. I think she has had some work done on her nose. I was watching “The Heat” tonight, and when I watched it, I kept thinking Sandra’s nose looked different in close-ups. I came online to see if there was any mention of her having nose work done, and it seems to confirm it.

  9. Who cares, she is a good actress that adopts lesser off children. Shame on the mags for not concentrating on her charity more and less on her physical appearance if she did that as a person the media would say she is a negative role model. She has really improved and developed as an actor and congratulations to her for it. She is likeable because she is a good person which can be seen by her staying close to get step children even after the allegations of infidelity by their father. She seems beautifully inside and out!!!

  10. Just compare these two pictures. They both show the same type of smile, but there’s definitely something difference in the way she looks. Maybe some lifting done? Personally, I like the natural look better.

  11. yeaahhh’ experts’ comparing teenager’s and mature woman’s face find disturbing signs of plastic surgery. oh well what a sensation! I think that she is really that one in a million lucky lady who has amazing genes. +healthy lifestyle, millions spent on cosmetics and walla! And in general she’s an amazing as a person so maybe it’s how she get’s her karma points back;D

  12. Who cares. She is a great actress.

  13. She is a very kind and elegant lady. I w0uld doubt that anyone of us could come close to the person that she is. She has such a lovely beauty inside and out and I admire that she is a kind and caring person that is so blessed and graceful. This is the real beauty that counts so much.

  14. Nothing sags in space!

  15. anthony steele says:

    no difference? unable to smile?

  16. HEY!Sandra Bullock s a completely natural woman!Thers nothing with botox and cosmetic surgery!!She looks great!She needs no face lifting!Everyone knows that!!But it seems some people just write about things they dont know anything about!This woman is getting older, too!!!

  17. Forbes Cook says:

    No plastic surgery. If she had surgery the first thing she would have had fixed was the kink in her nose, which I actually find cute.

  18. I have always thought Sandra Bullock was absolutely gorgeous, however I just watched The Heat and could not take my eyes off her misformed nose. So sad that she’s gone all Michael Jackson with it.

  19. I have seen many of this ladies movies in Russia, she is very mind blowing me and my Comrades love seeing her make an ass out of herself we think she belongs on Saturday night live with Dany Akaroid, Bill Murry and Steve Martin. BTW(By the way) No Dr. could sculpt this kind of beauty man shes smoking hot like Bubka.

  20. OMG she used to be Adam Sandler?

  21. You are very close Mike but no, she is not Adam Sandler, she in fact, however, Elvis. All that surgery has done wonders. The King Lives. Bone heads, leave the woman alone. Sandy you’re awesome! Best actress hands down.

  22. she looked far better as she was before all the surgery/bottox. have seen her interviewed and in a recent movie and her face just loks plastic. it detracts from her beauty and her acting skills, because it so obviously looks plastic and doesn’t move…..bad move Sandra. you looked far better without the surgery…..sorry to offend.

  23. Her eyes look Asian and her nose looks like Michael Jackson

  24. I agree. Leave her alone. She was born with great genes and astounding bone structure. I don’t believe she’s had anything done…she’s a natural beauty.

  25. Hey stop! You know if you made the money she made you would get something done too! I would, and so WOULD YOU! Sorry your so jealous.

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