Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker: Surgery in the City?

There have been half a dozen different accusations that Sarah Jessica Parker has had cosmetic surgery.

The actress, well into her 40s, is perhaps best known for her role on the television show “Sex in the City,” as well as in the movie that was done once the show achieved acclaimed success.

Sarah Jessica Parker before and after (image hosted by, while Parker’s appearance has done a bit of changing, the actress denies that she’s gone under the knife.

Despite these protests rumors still persist about her nose, her breasts and even about the mole on her chin that seems to have vanished and then come back.

Has Sarah Jessica Parker Gone Under The Knife?

According to the actress she hasn’t had anything done.

All her statements so far have been consistent in that she has never hinted at any sort of surgical enhancement to her looks, despite rumors.

However, plastic surgeons that aren’t involved in her case have offered up their own opinions as to what her looks suggest.

Plastic surgeon Sherrell J. Aston has suggested that, rather than being surgically removed, Parker’s facial mole was merely shaved.

Shaving would explain how it appeared to have vanished one week, and then returned the next as a flatter version of itself.

Dr. Paul Nassif, a professional plastic surgeon as well, said that Parker’s nose appears to have gotten a lot thinner and that her nostrils were reduced.

Did Sarah get an eye-lift? (image hosted by her rumors have become more popular than Tamar Braxton’s, that hasn’t stopped Parker from consistently denying she had anything done.

As regards possible breast implants, gossip sites like Plastic Sergeant that bring the public celebrity plastic surgery gone bad, the jury is out.

It seems that, while the rumor has been mentioned, no one’s given it much in the way of serious consideration or surgical scrutiny.

Sarah’s Before and After Pictures

If you look at images of Sarah Jessica Parker over her career, you’ll likely notice some changes.

Breast implants maybe? (image hosted by does in fact appear that her nose has changed shape. While it is possible to alter the way your nose looks with cosmetic tricks, especially if you want to slim down your nose, it seems more likely that Parker’s nose has been altered surgically because it always appears the same.

While most people, even real fans of the show, have noticed the controversy over her mole, it doesn’t seem to be something that most people really care about one way or another.

Finally, when you look at pictures of Parker’s breasts, it seems that the alterations are being performed more by the dresses she’s wearing rather than by any sort of implants or augmentation.

It’s a very similar trick to what Paris Hilton’s surgery fake out comes from.

In the end the weight of speculation seems to favor Parker’s nose being altered, and the rest of her being fairly natural.

Of course as long as she decides to deny the rumors, all we have regarding Sarah Jessica Parker’s cosmetic surgery is the weight of speculation and opinion.

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