Sela Ward

TV is often a haven for older actresses that don’t want to get cosmetic surgery.

Sela Ward, however, is more than happy to admit her own dabbling in cosmetic procedures.

The actress, whom many fans will recognize for her part on CSI: New York is 54 years old (born July 11, 1956), and like many actresses in Hollywood she’s doing everything that she can to fight off wrinkles and the weight of years.

(image hosted by, while Ward hadn’t gone all the way with surgery yet she has made a couple of baby steps in the realm of celebrity plastic surgery.

Unlike younger starlets such as Scarlett Johansson (see has Scarlett Johansson had cosmetic surgery), Sela is probably accustomed to the cosmetic surgery debate.  Marg Helgenberger’s surgery is a different thing all together.

Sela’s Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Sela Ward has gone on the record as a user and a great lover of botox for its ability to relax the face and remove wrinkles:

When you start to look so much more tired than you feel, I don’t like that,” the actress said, referring to her look before she began to take some bigger steps in clearing up her wrinkles than just applying more makeup.

(image hosted by’s views seem to reflect that, because we have the technology and the medical knowledge there’s no reason to be unsatisfied with the way you look, especially if you can afford to change it.

Of course, Ward is still in the dabbling stages of cosmetic surgery, perhaps out of a fear of becoming a victim of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong and what that can do not only to one’s career but to that person’s appearance.

Sela has, for the time being, stuck with smaller, safer procedures and has compensated for the rest with good makeup, great fashion sense and presumably a lot of attention paid to diet and exercise when she’s off set and keeping herself ready for work.

Sela Ward: Before and After

Sela has also gone on the record as saying:

One day I’ll get tired of all that and just fix everything,”

She is presumably referring to her current routines of smaller procedures that don’t require actual surgery.

While it’s pretty clear that Sela’s had botox injections on her brow, and restylane at the corners of her mouth, she still boasts a lot of features that clearly haven’t been fixed or altered. One is her nose, which has been broken twice and is a prominent part of her face that’s clearly still all natural despite the painful way that it got there.

Add to all of the still untouched parts of Sela Ward’s face and body her statements that she’s scared about getting bigger plastic surgery procedures, and we can all be pretty sure that she hasn’t gone all the way under the knife just yet.

However, in Ward’s own words, it will just be a matter of time until either she works up the courage or she finds something she’s unsatisfied with that she can’t fix any other way.

Sela Talks About Life, Ageing & Beauty

In the video below, Sela’s very frank interview clearly supports what has already been written.

After all being born with good looks will only take you so far and there’s only so much that maintenance in the gym and eating right at home can do to keep you looking good and feeling the same.

Eventually the only option actresses like Sela Ward have is plastic surgery if they want to maintain certain appearances.

So, we know that Sela Ward and some more cosmetic enhancements could be a future reality, but what’s your opinion?

Does Sela need more cosmetic enhancements and augmentations?


  1. Marci Finkelstein says:

    I think the plastic surgeon who fixed Sela Ward’s eyes absolutely ruined her pretty looks. OMG, didn’t she do research before she went to this “clown”. I definitely would not call her pretty anymore. Her eyes look squinty and not wide-eyed like they were before. What a terrible shame!

    • I agree. I saw her this morning on the Today show and she didn’t look the same. What was she ever thinking?
      Once these celebrities go and ruin their looks, I really don’t care to see them again..just sayin

  2. johnsnare says:

    Sela Ward, was always a knockout, and she still is.

  3. Chris Lindsay R.N. says:

    the woman is still stunning. I dont know what everyone is talking about……She is still as pretty as she was in the Fugitive

  4. S. Carter says:

    So much high school ,so better than everyone Was that fixed to

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