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Has Serena Williams Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Serena and her older sister Venus have been major game changers in the world of professional tennis for their styles, dedication and for being African Americans which are fairly rare in the sport of tennis.

Ever since the late 1990s Serena Williams has been a noticeable face in professional tennis, and some people have speculated that being such a noticeable face might cause some desire to change the way that face appears in front of the cameras and in front of fans.

That’s why many have questioned whether Serena has had celebrity plastic surgery. Other famous sportspeople have also found themselves in the middle of such a debate (see also has Kim Kardashian had plastic surgery?).

Why Would Serena Williams Get Surgery?

The Williams’ sisters changed the idea of tennis, playing hard and tough.

Both Serena and her sister Venus are powerful, muscular women who didn’t fit into the stereotype of thinner tennis players at the time.

And while no one can deny that both sisters are handsome women, there have been many statements made that Serena was too masculine to really be beautiful.

Beyond the comments made though, Serena Williams has a lifestyle that she enjoys. She keeps up with fashion, and has an avowed love for high heeled shoes.

She isn’t shy in front of the cameras either, and she always has a smile for those who come up to take pictures.

It was in the summer of 2010 that some of those pictures made fans and casual viewers look twice. And after that second look they began to wonder whether or not Serena had in fact gotten plastic surgery.

Did Serena Williams Have A “Nose Job”?

If you took photos from July and August 2010 (which the Daily Mail has done) and you look at the two images it appears that Serena’s nose has changed shape, becoming more delicate and thinner. Rhinoplasty, plastic surgery on the nose, isn’t an uncommon procedure.

Of course the story behind what happened wasn’t that Serena was getting her face fixed, but rather that she needed surgery on her feet.3

While she was in Germany the tennis star lacerated her foot, and statements made by her agent claim it was the top of her foot while other sources claim she cut the bottom of her foot on broken glass.

Either way, Serena did need to get stitches and she had a problem with a tendon that required surgery. So far so good.

Here’s the suspicious part. Pictures of Serena after her surgery, if you enhance them, make it look like she has black eyes.

That sort of reaction isn’t typical for foot surgery, but it is often a side effect of rhinoplasty. Of course the resolution is quite low, so it isn’t definitive. But it is suggestive, especially when compared to the pictures of Serena walking red carpets afterwards.

Dissenting opinions have been raised by people who’ve seen the supposed before and after shots of Serena.

And it’s true that makeup, lighting, camera angle and dozens of other factors can make you look like a completely different person.

This only feeds the controversy in the absence of a definitive yes or no as to whether or not Serena had a cosmetic procedure done while she was in the hospital for the non-cosmetic surgery on her foot.

Until more definitive information comes out though Serena Williams’ plastic surgery will remain in the area of speculation.

So, has Serena Williams had plastic surgery? What do you think?

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