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Celebrity Surgery & Sharon Stone

Born in Meadville, Pennsylvania, Sharon Stone at the young age of fifteen she won a scholarship to Edinboro University of Pennsylania.

Sharon Stone won the Miss Pennsylvania beauty pageant (image hosted by studied creative writing and fine arts. She won the Miss Pennsylvania beauty pageant and when she graduated decided to pursue modelling.

In the 80’s, Sharon branched out into acting appearing many times on television and in hit movies.

Her breakthrough role was playing Lori in Total Recall. Trying to promote the movie, Sharon also appeared in an a well know adult magazine earning her a spot in “Top 25 Sexiest Stars of the Century”.

In Basic Instinct, debuted in 1992, she played a bisexual murder suspect. The movie was controversial because Sharon was required to cross and uncross her legs in a way that revealed her lack of underwear.

Between 1993 and 1999 she played major roles in 8 other films. In 2001 she had a brain hemorrhage and was out of the spotlight for a while. A co-star in Cat-Woman, Sharon made another big splash in 2004 after her recovery.

Has Sharon Stone Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Sharon Stone admitted to having her lips worked on but then swore off plastic surgery.

The reason behind the injection was low self-esteem after a bad breakup. At least she learned to quit while she was ahead unlike Michael Jackson (a perfect example of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong) and to confess like Cher (see Cher plastic surgery before and after).

Sharon Stone before and after pictures (image hosted by

According to her, the work done caused her to look like a “trout”.

When she first saw the results her exact words were “What the hell!” As to what type of injection it was, Sharon claims to not remember.

Due to the lack of trout-like lips today it was most likely a type of collagen injection since fat injections can be permanent, but sometimes the fat injections can be overfilled and are then called a “trout-pout.”

Sharon Stone: Did She Get Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Anthony Youn on suggests that she might have had breast augmentation. In some photos she is very thin and still doesn’t look flat chested, which tends to speak for itself.

Sharon Stone breast implants before and after? (image hosted by

Breast implant surgery is hard to hide due to the long recovery period but she might have been able to hide a newer procedure that is an injection.

Some say she appears to have had Botox done but the celebrity says that her youthful appearance to a healthy lifestyle. In 2004, Sharon sued a plastic surgeon for articles implying that he gave her a facelift.

She said that she had never had any surgery done. Many people comment on blogs and such saying that they believe her to have had a facelift contrary to what she said.

While it is possible that she lied, it’s more likely that she is spending a small fortune on revitalizing creams and facials. There are many ways to stay young looking these days without having to get celebrity cosmetic surgery.

Look at all the creams and toners the drug-store brands have for sale. People tend to forget that the rich can afford to stay young looking.

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