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Has Steve Martin Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Fans are questioning whether or not Steve Martin has had celebrity surgery. People love his humor. Steve has been successful in all facets of entertaining.

He has performed in movies, on TV and has been a playwright, pianist and banjo player. His genres include slapstick and stand-up comedy, blue grass music and improvisational. He was born in Texas in August 1945. He began his entertainment career working at Disneyland during his teen years. From there, he was catapulted into the entertainment industry in a big way.

He received a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 1978 for Lets Get Small and in 1979 for Wild and Crazy Guy. In 2002, he received a Grammy for Best Country Instrumental Performance in Foggy Mountain Breakdown and in 2009 for Best Bluegrass Album with his The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo.

He also received An American Comedy Award in the year 2000 for the Lifetime Achievement Award, 2000 Lifetime Achievement. And he received the NYFCC award for Best Actor in his 1984 film All of Me.

His credentials are so long and varied that it is impossible to list all of them here. Even his well known ones are too many to numerate. But some of his more recent ones are It’s Complicated, The Big Year, and Pink Panther Two. And, of course some of the all-time favorites, The Jerk, Roxanne, which he won so many awards for and Father of the Bride Part II.

He’s certainly one of the older candidates (see also Mickey Rourke surgeries and Kenny Rogers before plastic surgery) as much as cosmetic procedures are concerned.  A tad older than Simon Cowell (see Simon Cowell plastic surgery before and after) but certainly looking great for his age.

Steve Martin Cosmetic Surgery – Before and After?

While filming It’s Complicated, Steve Martin said, “I think there’s a cliche of how people look when they have it done. I don’t have anything against it theoretically, if you don’t end up looking weird like a non-person“.

In 2010 Dr. Paul Nassif, facial and reconstructive surgeon is quoted as saying “Steve Martin may have had some facial fillers and botox at one point. He would not benefit from anything else right now, as his look is natural and suits him very well right now“. The Steve Martin ‘before and after’ pictures they used appears to support this evidence. Dr.Salzhauer says in the same article:

I personally would be devastated if comedian Steve Martin did a dramatic cosmetic procedure to his face. His funniest performances are when he contorts his face and makes facial expressions that only he can do. I usually recommend Botox for everyone, but he is the one person I say should go without. I look forward to seeing his forehead muscles performing new tricks when he does the Oscars.

It appears that doctors as well as his fans would prefer that their beloved Steve Martin would choose to grow old gracefully. Fans love his distinguished aging profile! And, especially his generous smile that sends us all into belly laughing the minute he begins to talk.

Steve Martin – Surgery In Last 10 Years?

Steve Martin presented the 73rd Annual Academy Awards® in 2001. This video shows his opening monologue and in great form.  Look carefully and bear in mind that this is video footage from 2001.  Then, look at the picture below from It’s Complicated.

There are distinct difference, but whether we can say it’s down to bad plastic surgery is another thing.

9 years later, he got present the 82nd Academy Awards® with Alec Baldwin and the two videos give us a great chance to see if there was a hint of cosmetic procedure in the interim period.

Does Steve Admit To Cosmetic Procedures?

He has not, as far as anyone can tell, admitted to having any cosmetic surgery or denied that he has. Ironically this suspicion surfaced in 2009 when he was in the movie It’s Complicated, a movie about blooming love in later years with Meryl Streep (see also has Meryl Streep had plastic surgery?).

The before and after photos posted on the internet where this question is posed lean toward the possibility that he might have used some botox. But the before and after photos they show do not look extreme or show a difference more than some retouching in Photoshop could have accomplished.

So let’s leave Steve Martin as the handsome, distinguished, funny, musical, charming, talented growing old gracefully guy he appears to be without being a plastic surgery celebrity.

Steve Martin Before & After Pictures…?

So, the jury is out on Steve Martin’s cosmetic surgery?

But what do you think?  Do you agree?


  1. He looks like he may have gotten some botox shot into his nose.

  2. Unfortunatly he had some face surgery. His eyes… I’m sure. For the rest I cannot say what he has done but his face looks strange now. Not younger but artificial.
    Very sad, that so many people cannot grow old gracefully.
    Old faces are wonderful.
    They tell stories.

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