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Has Susan Lucci Been Surgically Enhanced?

Susan Victoria Lucci, commonly known as Susan Lucci, turned 65 years old on December 23, 2011 and looks fabulous for her age.

During her career, the actress appeared in television series, such as Dallas, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island and Hope and Faith.

She also starred in a dozen television movies, which included The Bride in Black, The Woman Who Sinned, Between Love and Hate, and Blood on Her Hands.

Susan Lucci before and after plastic surgery 1980 - 2009? (image hosted by is best known for her portrayal of Erica Kane in the daytime soap All My Children. Lucci landed the part in 1970 and has never looked back. After receiving 19 daytime Emmy nominations, the actress finally won the award in 1999.

This feat alone contributed to her immense popularity.

Susan Lucci: Cosmetic Surgery Speculations?

Celeb plastic surgery is often denied. However, bad plastic surgery is often obvious – see Mickey Rourke bad plastic surgery before and after photos and Priscilla Presley’s cosmetic surgery.

Susan Lucci is not a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong. On the contrary, the actress looks better than most women her age.

By comparing past and present photos of Susan Lucci various plastic surgeons suspect the actress to have gone under the knife. Lucci’s suspected to have undergone cheek implant surgery, a facelift, forehead lift, browlift, chemical peels and upper and lower blepharoplasty.

Susan Lucci before and after cosmetic enhancements? (image hosted by of the plastic surgery is believed to be done on her face, because of its tight appearance. However, allegations of breast augmentation, liposuction and a tummy tuck emerged after bikini images of the actress appeared online.

Susan Lucci: Before and After Photo Comparison

When comparing past and present photos there’s a notable difference in the way the leading lady of daytime television looks.

During the 80s, the actress had a plump, youthful facial appearance. Photos taken 30 years later show a face that’s less plump with more lines in the neck, eye and mouth area.

It appears as if Lucci has aged gracefully, yet the suspicion of really good doctors still remains.

Lucci Addresses Surgery Rumors

Despite all the rumors, Lucci denied having had any surgery to enhance or maintain her youthful appearance. She voiced this on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Daytime’s leading lady credits her genes for her appearance, and after having two children she claims to maintain her slim figure by incorporating daily pilates sessions.

Susan Lucci - all good genes or a secret anti-ageing beauty formula? (image hosted by

During the interview, Lucci did admit to having undergone surgery on her nose at the age of 47, to eliminate a breathing problem she was dealing with.

Susan Lucci: Defying Age With Genes or Creams?

In 2001, Lucci collaborated with Guthy-Renker, and launched the age-defying skin care line Youthful Essence. The five-piece system includes cleansing, moisturizing, resurfacing and skin enhancing products.

Lucci claims to use the line herself to maintain and enhance her appearance. By having her own skin care line, Lucci gives the impression that her appearance is all natural and not due to plastic surgery.

Whether that’s true, is only for her to know.


  1. Susan Lucci is indeed a beautiful woman – extraordinarily so

  2. Nanette Valencia says:

    She had her nose done to remove the bump

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