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Has Susan Sarandon Had Cosmetic Surgery?

When people think of celebrities the idea of plastic surgery seems to come naturally. Dozens of famous individuals have been the subject of the plastic surgery controversy; Susan Sarandon is no exception.

She has been the eye of Hollywood since the late 1960s when she entered the acting scene. But her story goes even before her first movies. Susan Sarandon is an American actress who has worked in the film industry since the late 1960s.

Susan Sarandon - has she had surgery? (image hosted by was born in New York city to an Roman Catholic family in 1946 and is the eldest of nine children. Her work as an actress began when she graduated from the Catholic University of American in 1968 with a BA in drama and began working with a noted drama coach Father V. Hartke.

During this time she also married Chris Sarandon and together they auditioned for Susan’s first casting call in the movie Joe. She was cast in a major role as a troubled teenager.

Since that time she has played in dozens of motion pictures and has been the subject of much controversy, due to her edgy sex scenes. She has won Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Dead Man Walking (1995) and has been nominated for four other films.

Breast Implants For Susan Sarandon?

With all of this fame and fortune, came the need to upkeep one’s image. As the years went by and Susan began to show her years, many started to wonder how long she would remain in the spotlight.

And then fans began to notice something that is not uncommon in Hollywood. It appeared that Susan Sarandon may have had breast implants.

Celebrity plastic surgery is one of the most frequent Hollywood scandals and one hears about nose jobs, breast implants and facial reconstructions all the time. This is especially true when the procedure is simple plastic surgery gone wrong.

For weeks all fans talk about are the cosmetic mishaps such as Heidi Montag’s cosmetic surgery debacle which she later regretted. The same attention, however, is given to those who did not have the worst plastic surgery.

Susan Sarandon before and after photos (image hosted by

For example, Jennifer Aniston cosmetic surgery was considered successful and she was hailed for good taste and subtlety in fixing her nose. And same goes, fans think, for Susan Sarandon, who flaunts her beautiful cleavage shamelessly.

Was Susan Sarandon’s Surgery a Success?

Whatever the case may be for other actresses, Susan Sarandon’s cosmetic surgery was, as many agree, incredibly successful.

Her procedure was certainly not subtle (especially when she wears those low cut shirts she is famous for), however, it is done tastefully and give her an even more mature look.

For many celebrities, plastic surgery, especially bad plastic surgery, comes with consequences as far as movie roles and fans go. For Susan Sarandon this was not the case.

With an increase of two breast sizes, as some experts are guessing, she has been cast in dozens of movie roles, and been hailed as a strong, independent and beautiful woman.

Susan Sarandon has mastered Hollywood not simply by her movies, a strong political cause and campaigns for women’s health, but also by keeping her life under wraps.

Susan Sarandon before and after pictures (image hosted by

For this reason, she has never publically spoken about her surgery and not many details are known.

So, as fans continue to follow her every move, they will also keep asking the question of the decade, has Susan Sarandon really gotten cosmetic surgery, or is she simply a walking contradiction of nature?

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