Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers: Surgically Enhanced?

Suzanne Somers cosmetic surgery rumors still swirl through Hollywood, given how great the actress looks well into her 60s.

Originally born in San Bruno, California in 1946, Somers achieved fame first on the small screen with roles in popular shows like Three’s Company from 1977-1981 and then later on Step by Step from 1991-1998.

Somers is also an author who has written books on health and wellness in addition to endorsing products like the Thigh Master.

While one might expect someone in that line of work to look good for longer, there are many people that claim that eating right and exercising aren’t enough, accusing Somers of being a plastic surgery celebrity.

Has Suzanne Somers Had Cosmetic Surgery?

While other celebrities might rule the tabloids, Somers has still received her share of attention for her amazingly youthful, though perhaps a little too tight, visage.

Suzanne Somers before and after? (image hosted by has been no confirmation of procedures done, so those trying to find the signs of celebrity plastic surgery are left with a magnifying glass and all the before and after shots of Somers they can find to look for clues.

And there are some clues to be seen. For instance the shape of Somer’s nose has changed over the years, her face is smooth though a little tight, and her lips appear to have lost some of the firm definition that they had in her younger years.

Now of course none of this is proof that Somers is on the receiving end of bad plastic surgery, on the contrary it appears to be working for her if she did indeed get procedures done, but there is still swirling debate on the issue.

Suzanne’s Before and After Pictures?

When asked to weigh in with their opinions, several plastic surgeons had a number of observations to make about Suzanne’s photographs which might be said to show the results of plastic surgery procedures.

 (image hosted by Jennifer Walden and Dr. Paul Nassif are two plastic surgery professionals who have given opinions to Make Me Heal, and both doctors have put out various opinions as to Somers’ likely procedures.

The list, according to their professional opinions, includes a face or brow lift, lip plumpers, cheek fillers and potentially fat grafts to keep the skin soft and smooth.

Given that Somers already had a good deal of beauty to start with, these procedures are more preservative in nature, helping her fight the passage of time.

If you wanted an educated guess based on nothing more than pictures, since Somers hasn’t accepted or denounced the rumors regarding her plastic surgery procedures, it’s hard to get more authoritative than the professionals.

But it’s important to remember that these are just the opinions of surgeons and experts, not facts. Once again, there have been no statements or admissions made that confirm or deny the Suzanne Somers’ cosmetic surgery speculations that run rampant through tabloids even to do this day.

Suzanne Somers Photo Gallery

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  1. OF COURSE SHE’S HAD PLASTIC SURGERY!!!!! It looks like if you touch her face, she’ll deflate!!!!! Horrible!

    • Suzanne has always had a beautiful. yet one of a kind, Unique look. Maybe if you’re lucky you might catch a slight glimpse her past look. She has a nice look now, and may be considered beautiful, but a common look, not as a striking and unique as she used to be. You can tell that surgery was totally unnecessary, she got duped. Thanks to her Doc. Sometimes things just need to be left alone, I bet Suzanne misses Suzanne. I don’t think she looks horrible, just noticeably different.

  2. kathy wieder says:

    I just do not believe all those after pictures are Suzanne. You can change the lips, skin nose but not the eyes. The unique mischevious twinkle in her eyes is just not there in all of these pictures. I do not think its Suzanne. Of course she’s had botched work she didn’t need and shouldn’t have messed with nature but that comes with the job. I have known Suzanne since Kindergarten in San Bruno, Ca and she was just born beautiful with good family genes. She should have left well enough alone and aged gracefully. If she could see what the rest of us look like now she would realize she had it better naturally than most. Poor Suzanne. A beautiful soul that I love dearly.
    Just a victim of fame.

  3. I have watched Susan Summers since I was young, in AMERICAN GRAFITTI AND 3’s Company and all her movies. she was so beautiful, now she looks like the rest of the has beens. it’s very sad to see this happen to her as well.

  4. Nancy Kelley says:

    Of course she has had plastic surgery. I love her dearly and it makes me sick to see this. What are they talking about saying her skin is smooth, and all the positive things said in her After picture. I know plastic surgery when I see it and there’s not an ounce of doubt. I feel so badly for her.

  5. Of course she’s had plastic surgery! For one, she doesn’t look anything like her former self. Two, look at all her neck wrinkles. You don’t get all those wrinkles without ANY wrinkles whatsoever on your face! YES, she’s had a ton of work done.!

  6. I’m looking at her on Dancing With The Stars right now, and she looks NOTHING like the horrible picture they showed. I think she has had work done, but I think that horrible picture has been doctored. She is still beautiful at 68 years old. I wish I had her energy and figure.

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