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Tamar Braxton: Does Surgery Run in the Family?

With a famous last name and a more famous relative, one of the most lingering things about Tamar Braxton is the plastic surgery rumors and speculations. A singer and songwriter in her own right, Tamar (pronounced Tay-mar) Braxton is also the younger sister of the well-known Toni Braxton.

The two siblings are quite recognizable on the R&B music scene. And both of them have gotten the same plastic surgery for the same reasons; according to Tamar nose jobs are often a necessity in their family.

Tamar’s Honest Nose Job Admissions

Has Tamar Braxton had cosmetic surgery? Admittedly, yes!

Tamar Braxton has changed (image hosted by http://voguediaspora.blogspot.com.es)In a trend that’s refreshing for a lot of people Tamar has given full disclosure on her plastic surgery, as has Bruce Jenner, perhaps one of the worst plastic surgery celebrities to date, as well as Susan Sarandon’s recent cosmetic surgery.

According to Tamar she was born without cartilage in her nose, which made for all sorts of breathing difficulties and which lead to horrendous snoring problems.

Tamar Braxton before nose job (image hosted by picturetrail.com)So I’ve had a couple surgeries,” Braxton told OverIt.com. “The first time they put an implant in and I had to have it removed- so eventually they took some cartilage from my ear and put it in my nose. Oh that hurt!

According to Tamar, both her sister Toni and their father have had to have similar operations to correct similar problems over the years when it comes to the family nose.

Tamar’s Before and After Surgery Pictures

Tamar Braxton must have had some talented and artistic surgeons, as well as ones that were skilled in the practical. After her operation Tamar’s nose looks picture perfect, sleek and just the right fit for her face, even if the doctors did have to cannibalize some of the cartilage from her nose to use for the procedure in the first place.

Ther’s also another trend that the star became aware of when she was on the reality TV show “Braxton Family Values,” and that’s fans that think she’s had more plastic surgery than she’s admitted to.

Tamar Braxton confesses to having nose job (image hosted by http://madeyourelevant.com)Some people believe that Tamar has had her skin bleached, others think that more run of the mill rumors like breast implants or facial fillers are the latest thing to throw out. However, there doesn’t seem to be evidence of these or of any other procedures in Tamar Braxton’s photos from now, or from back when she and her sister were first starting to get really famous in their own rights.

So has Tamar Braxton had any other plastic surgery over and above her admitted nose modifications?

It seems very unlikely, despite the rumors that people have posted online. The singer has spoken candidly on the subject, and she doesn’t appear to have anything to add to what she’s already said.

That means that unless she reverses her position or a doctor that was involved comes forward (breaking doctor-patient confidentiality in the process) then there’s really nothing else to say. One of Tamar Braxton’s plastic surgery rumors has been confirmed, but the others may just be rumors.

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  1. This picture here looks older. In the more recent pictures of her, she looks very altered. Even my mother, who doesn’t look at reality shows and knows NOTHING about Tamar, said, ‘what is wrong with her face? she looks weird. Her lips look like duck lips!’ Tamar was so beautiful before she got ‘Hollywoodnitice’. Hollywood convinces you that your natural wrinkles are hideous, so you get botox when you don’t need it. Hollywood convinces you that your beautiful natural lips, should be bigger, so you get injections until they look like two plates. Hollywood is a motha….

    • When people (whomever they are or might be related to) want that notoriety I guess they will do whatever needs to be done to get it. Case in point: Alter your features to become more “marketable”.

  2. She has had her lips and cheeks done

  3. Tall Tee says:

    I think it’s a crying shame what she has done to her face. She looks like a Muppet come-to-life, and that’s a tragedy when she was so attractive before.

    • In addition to extensive nose work (rhinoplasty), she’s had a skin peel, Botox, cheek and chin implants. These celebs act like they’re opening up by telling only a bit of what’s done, but this chick has had thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery procedures only to look like Miss Piggy.

  4. ima just say it says:

    Dont understand why they like to lie about the surgeries. We’re not blind.

  5. Tamar has certainly had more than a nose job. I agree with the other commenters..cheek implants definitely and some botox…and maybe even some skin bleaching too (her face is a different color from the rest of her body). She was perfectly fine before all of the modifications…she messed a perfect creation that God gave her! SMH!

  6. I hadn’t seen Tamar since I bought her album way back when and I thought she was really pretty. When I saw her for the first time two years ago I was taken aback. It was obvious that she had had some work done and not for the better. She had her skin lightened, cheek implants, nose job and possibly some other facial procedures (i.e.: chin, eyes, lips). I can understand having a little work done to fix a slight imperfection for health reasons but if you keep coming up with excuses to have procedures done you’ll end up never happy with how you look. Which seems to be the case with the Braxton family. It just seems this family can’t accept their natural beauty and has opted for the superficial.

  7. MICHELE says:


  8. I think she was beautiful she didn’t really have to change anythng

  9. Karon Stephens says:

    I hope she’s only had her nose done, because I don’t think she would purposely make her lips that big or the curls of her lips that deep — giving that muppet effect. That said, although she’s a boistrous girl who speaks her mind, the show also reveals a compassionate and genuine side that makes me not want to hurt her feelings by saying bad things about whatever she has chosen to do to her outer appearance. Hopefull, she will have no plastic surgeries in the future, because none are needed. She seems to be a beautiful person inside and out.

  10. She acturally looks like a right lop-sided disfigured NOSE ugly ass fooooool!!!!!!!!!.

  11. crazycryssi says:

    Her lips look stoopid but man can she sing love u tay!!!!!

  12. Tamar was a lot better looking in the past. These celebs need to realize no matter what they do today, genetics tells it all. Age will eventually reveal her true looks. In my opinion she needs to have surgery on her personality and attitude. I hate that she is so over the top with her antics. The world does not revolve around Tamar. And not too mention, her stage presence is just as whack as her plastic face.

    • She’s annoying as hell. Diva desperate. If she was as cool as Toni, she would be much more tolerable, but she’s not.

  13. MaRiyah wise says:

    Why do people get things done to their face you are pretty or handsome the way you were but don’t let me stop you what you are doing

  14. MaRiyah wise says:

    You are right rizzah

  15. She looked much prettier before she went under the knife what is wrong with her?

  16. I couldn’t stand her on the real because of the awful plastic surgery, but now have fallen for her personality. She seems really nice and humble. Just by the looks of it, she has had a brow lift, several nose operations, cheek/lip enhancements, and skin bleaching. Sad. She was so pretty before.

  17. Tamar looked much better in the first photo, she looks so fake now, like plastic

  18. I’m addition to extensive nose work (rhinoplasty), she’s had a skin peel, Botox, cheek and chin implants. These celebs act like they’re opening up by telling only a bit of what’s done, but this chick has had thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery procedures.

  19. i think tamar is beautiful and her sisters.

  20. to be honest she’s beautiful and I see why her and her sisters don’t get along.

  21. I have seen the pictures of Tamar before her surgeries & she was really cute. The nose job was good, but those other unnecessary surgeries make her look really altered. Now she looks plastic and unreal. What a waste of money and pain. She really is sickening with all the hair slinging. If the hair is in the way, why not pin it back with a blinging barrett or hairpin??????

  22. Only one surgery? I looked at her lips before any surgery and looked at her lips after the nose surgery and it looks like something was done. Don’t know what was done but it appears that there is a difference in the shape of her lips. Check out those checks too!!!!

  23. Tamar has also had some surgery done to her body. She has always had thick legs, no matter what size she is. Now they are lean and slender. If someone admits the obvious, then there is much more they are not telling. I believe my own eyes instead of her lies.

  24. Angeline Hampshire says:

    Tamar has definitely had some surgeries cosmetic su other than her nose Tamar has definitely bleach her skin she much lighter her cheekbones, her nose, if she keep going she going to end up looking like little Kim or maybe Michael Jackson. stop!! Tamar stop!!

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