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What Happens When You Don’t Use A Certified Plastic Surgeon?

Ever wonder why there is so much debate about Tara Reid plastic surgery? It is because of her unbelievable boobs that are sometimes dubbed as the ugliest breasts in Hollywood.

Tara Reid plastic surgery breast enlargement 2000 and 2004 before and afer (image hosted by plasticcelebsurgery.blogspot.com)

Tara Reid was born in New Jersey on November 8, 1975 and soon became extremely popular in her high school acting team. By age 9,

Tara was regularly featured in the game show, Child’s Play. Her stints at TV shows also allowed her to perform in more than 100 commercials.

Somehow, Tara found it interesting to be a part of controversy when she started to appear in cult films such as The Big Lebowski, Urban Legends, and Cruel Intentions. What made her truly famous was a lead role in the films American Pie and American Pie 2. Otherwise, subsequent roles in unsuccessful movies just enhanced her image.

Tara Reid & The Plastic Surgery Dilemma

The incident that made Tara Reid the subject of countless debates was Diddy’s 35th birthday party. A strange dressing apparently revealed the scarred breasts of the Hollywood darling.

Fans were horrified to view a glimpse of the botched plastic surgery.

She’s not the only  of course who wasn’t initially pleased with the results of their surgery.

Kenny Rogers and Bruce Jenner are two well known stars who have also publicly talked about their problems after going under the knife. Meg Ryan’s surgery is also worth reading about.

Tara Reid Talks To NBC About Cosmetic Surgery

During an interview with NBC, Tara recalled the horror at the show by admitting that her surgeon had made her breasts look squarish.

Tara explained that she intended to hide her breasts because they seemed like a goose-shaped egg. She further claimed that the only reason that she had a plastic surgery was due to the uneven size of her breasts.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

Further investigation revealed that Tara didn’t use a certified plastic surgeon but her selection was merely based on the word-of-mouth from her Hollywood friends.

Apparently, the breast implant was not the only thing that Tara had to hide.

It is well-known that Tara doesn’t mind a tummy tuck because she is operated for liposuction.

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Steve Svehlak verifies that he saw Tara’s tummy first-hand after her liposuction.

According to Dr. Svehlak, her tummy looked like a cobblestone road with lots of bumps and without any smoothness – an awful example of plastic surgery gone wrong!

Tara Reid: Before & After The Latest Plastic Surgery

Fortunately for Tara and her cult followers, she opted to use a board certified surgeon for her second breast surgery.

It seems that her decision to use a specialist has paid off as Tara is confident enough to pose for the a well known adult magazine.

Critics scoff at Tara’s new look suggesting that it looks odd to have such huge breasts on an otherwise slim body. On the other hand, Tara’s fans seem to ratify her new looks, which to them are far better than the previous version.

Still, rather like Megan Fox (see Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery), cameramen love to be around the celebrity.

A recent picture revealed that both breasts seem to sag over her chest.

A critic elaborated that Tara’s breast seem to have been stuffed inside her bra like someone with a wobbly breast getting an implant to fill a body part.

Followers of Tara rue that the actress chose her destiny when she started to accept roles in almost any movie without regard to her reputation.

They also advise that Tara doesn’t need another celebrity plastic surgery because she is already past her prime.

Tara Reid Before & After Photos

Clearly, you have to admire Tara Reid for publicly discussing what she went through and delighted now she has found board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr Steve Svehlak.

But what’s your view?  Check out the picture gallery below and let us know what you think about Tara Reid plastic surgery.


  1. Shurland says:

    Tara is so hot!!

  2. I wish Tara well. She is a beautiful woman. No one deserves to be at the hands of a bad doctor.

    Liposuction should be outlawed. They stick hoses into your body without measuring how much body fat you have, and then they just guess as to how much to suction out. I went in for a breast reduction (which I needed) and the surgeon suctioned out tissues on my athletic body from my waist to my distal knees. I am now disabled, disfigured… my life ended that day. My buttocks , infragluteal crease, posterior legs, distal knees, lateral legs over my strong muscle all were suctioned out with my need or consent or any good medical judgement. I wasn’t going in for weight loss, and the board certified doctor who did this is Encino, knew that I was contra-indicated for what the did. Let me tell you something, dying is not the worst thing that can happen to a person. Living through this sort of thing is, and by this, I don’t mean a botched job, I mean a full on surgical assault like had unsuspectingly been done to me, I don’t have an ass anymore. It is concave, I can’t work, I cant hang with anyone. I suffer immensely all day long. I can’t sit walk, move, or stand, or sleep. I feel like we should go after the makers of the liposuction equipment to task for not making doctors have a way to measure body fat in a concrete way before they suction out fat tissue that you don’t have to spare. It’s insane, who would think that is okay? We should bond to together and go after MicroAire for putting these of horrible tools of destruction into hands of doctors who are just nerds who made it through medical school. They don’t teach ethics or common sense or teach someone how to truly care and listen to others…We can”t let this cycle of abuse to continue, are we? More people need to sleep up.I need help myself, and I want to help others not lose their life as I have through some state board moron who suctioned out my buttock with consent. He sucks me dry. Now who would do something that deranged? Who do I call to get help with this? I need a lawyer. I need the story to get on the news, I need support, The sugeron needs to take a permanent sabatical…Theses guys just can’t keep being allowed to operstate on and butcher people! Liposuction should be outlawed. What are we going to do?

  3. bill hull says:

    she is one stunning woman i think her breasts are to big for her body type

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