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Rumors about Tori Amos (born Myra Ellen Amos on August 22, 1963) and her bad plastic surgery procedures abound from sources ranging from celebrity watchers to curious fans who wonder how the alternative singer manages to create such a unique look in her late 40s.

When Tori Amos first came onto the music scene she gained some notoriety for being the only female alternative artist whose main instrument was a piano.

Tori Amos before and after plastic surgery? (image courtesy of though she’s been known to have strange looks both on and off stage, almost a prerequisite for the most famous of the almost-famous, there are people who think that her newest look couldn’t be done without bladed intervention.

Tori Amos Plastic Surgery Rumors

Tori Amos plastic surgery before and after pictures (image courtesy of who have been comparing Tori Amos’ latest photos to those taken of the star when she was younger are raising their eyebrows; even further than Tori did.

Some of the things people have noticed as that the distinctive bump on the end of Tori’s nose is gone, a common enough rhinoplasty procedure and that her eyebrows are now higher than they were before. Even her eyes appear to have taken on a different shape, which can be achieved by plastic surgery on the eyelids to reshape the appearance of the eye.

Now with other singers and actresses, these claims can be put down to youth maturing and changing (see also Gwyneth Paltrow cosmetic surgery). However, in Tori’s case, she’s reached her middle age so it can hardly be youth blossoming into full womanhood.

Tori Amos with her trademark orange hair (image courtesy of course it should be kept in mind that different lighting, altered camera angles, application of cosmetics and even the subject’s hairstyle or the clothes she happens to be wearing can all create a different and unique look for her face.

However, the speculation is that even accounting for all of these potential explanations added together, Tori Amos still seems to have gotten her latest looks from a surgeon’s scalpel.

Tori Amos Before & After – Opinions of Surgeons

Make Me Heal, a website dedicated to celebrity plastic surgery before and after procedures, spoke to several plastic surgeons that weighed in on Tori Amos’ latest, plastic pixie look.

Dr. Paul Nassif, a facial plastic and re-constructive specialist, said that it was possible Tori Amos had gotten an eyebrow lift and that her nose had been sculpted to give it the more streamlined look it now possesses.

Dr. Sherrell Aston said, “she looks like she’s undergone a brow lift,” along with botox injections and possibly a neck lift as well. None of the doctors spoken to performed a surgery, but their professional opinions all seemed to agree that plastic surgery was a definite explanation for the singer’s appearance.

Tori Amos after plastic surgery procedures? (images courtesy of course, plastic surgery has long been a standby of Hollywood. Even back in you grandparents’ day the stars knew where to go to get a cosmetic pick-me-up, with famous faces like Marilyn Monroe (see Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery) partially created with the help of a gifted surgeon’s knife.

Tori Amos is just the latest in a long line of famous faces that may have been augmented (or probably, if you listen to some of the speculators on Amos’ appearance), but at this point it’s practically a tradition.

And while she might be unusual and alternative, would you really blame her if Tori Amos became a plastic surgery celebrity as a way to help her career and continue doing what she was for her fans?

Tori Amos’ Video Comparisons

It’s also worth looking at before and after videos in order to see how Tori Amos may have changed.

Believe it or not, in 2011, Tori Amos is only a couple of years away from 50 so we have the benefit of nearly 20 years of video to consider.

Below, we’ve found an excellent video compilation from 1992.

Here she is being interviewed by Gloria Hunniford in 2002, 10 years later, talking about everything from life in the UK, 9/11, New York…

And, a further 9 years on, another interview on the launch of her new album in 2011 where she talks to BBC Television.

There’s clearly some differences between the videos but may be not quite as marked as the pictures shown on this page.

Tori Amos Before & After Pictures…?

So, although the images look pretty convincing, has Tori Amos had plastic surgery procedures?

What do you think?


  1. kinda sucks, she’s always had a very homegrown unique figure and looks, she’s always been very cute, why go and mess that up. Although, maybe its the lighting like you said but doesnt it look like she is possibly losing hair?? her hair looks very thin, and the flat thing is not helping it any!

  2. This makes me kind of sad. I thought she, of anyone, would be above changing her appearance. That seems too shallow for her. Oh and @William she’s been wearing wigs for at least 7 years now. God knows what her real hair looks like anymore.

  3. Such a shame I met Tori in 2005 it was very apparent she had had surgery & botox she really could barely move her face….she was looking a little strange then ….she should have stopped but it is her face & I love her/music no matter what.

  4. I will always love Tori and her work. But she used to be one of the most uniquely beautiful women on the planet. She is almost 50 and has the right to have some work done, I just wish that it had been been done is such a way that it was truer to the natural aging process.

  5. I’m no fan of Tori Amos, by any stretch of the imagination. However, I see a lot of people her age and when looking at her, I don’t see clear evidence of surgery. She just looks like a thinning, aging woman.

  6. Whether you want to admit it or not, all of our views on plastic surgery have changed. If you had the money, isn’t there something you would touch up?

    • Adm Tech says:

      The problem is that most of the time the “touch up” makes things ten times worst. Better to age gracefully, eat right, get enough sleep, drink lots of water and avoid stress, alcohol, smoking and drugs. That way your DNA and the natural passage of time will treat you well.

  7. Tiff-Anny says:

    It’ s so weird, I actually think she looks a LOT younger than she did before! Not really prettier, though. She had this odd charm about her face before, that I like…. Too bad, it’s gone.

  8. I have always admired Tori Amos and I thought she would be the last person to succumb to the plastic-fantastic look. I recently saw her on an interview and I was shocked by her appearance she was almost unrecognizable to me. It was apparent that her face shape had changed. I believe she has had cheek implants and she had so much eye make-up on as if to disguise her eyes or something. I was saddened by the change in her physical appearance.

  9. joe blow says:

    Her next album should be entitled “ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO PLASTIC SURGERY.”

  10. Holy Jimbob! My misspent youth just crawled up my neck and throttled me. Tori Amos! Say it isn’t so! From now on i’m not going to look at any recent pics of anyone I loved in high school. A small, highly horny teenager inside of me just coughed twice, fell over and died. Thank you very much Celebrity Plastic Surgery 24 [sarcasm].

  11. Thanks god You Tube now has Tori live at montreux in 1992. Immortalized at her best and at her prime. Emotive and beautiful with unbound talent and grace. The way I prefer to remember her. Getting old is a bitch, I guess….

  12. General Electric's BIG DOG says:

    I loved how she looked prior to the surgery. She was a natural beauty. I still love her music but now she looks like Hillary Clinton.

  13. Best artist in recent years. We all succumb to demands of society. You’re too fat, too old, Grey hair. I was shocked to see Jimmy page all white hair, Grace Slick also but once I got used to it it looks fine. I respect people still retaining their looks, lines and all, but let’s face it, it is a dog eat dog world. To remain relevant in a society that worships the young and demands constant sexuality or at least innuendo is difficult to do if you don’t blend in. She is smart enough to realize this. I respect her for whatever she does, She actually looks different, her face has thinned or something. Who are we to sit there and pick and judge, if so it is our fault people do these things. Shame on us, and nothing but respect for true artists.

  14. I love Tori and I am a true devotee BUT, it seems that Tori is suffering from an extreme case of body dis-morphia. How can someone so INCREDIBLY beautiful destroy herself in the way she has? He surgery has affected EVERYTHING. Her voice, her mannerisms.She’s closed now.Her performances used to be SO expansive , physically expansive, emotionally expansive, sonically expansive.It’s all changed. Notice how tight her face is.She can’t open her mouth to get that emotion out like she used to.It’s affects her annunciation and pronunciation and visually it’s not appealing performance-wise. Musically and creatively she’s a genius that THANK GOD THAT has not changed! I think what we have here is visual signs of inner pain manifesting as self loathing by trying to change her face. Similar to someone that is addicted to food.It’s not a surprise that just as her plastic surgery got out of control she started wearing wigs & now glasses. She’s hiding unhappiness and pain. What I don’t understand is how her family and husband LET her proceed to mutilate herself this way…and what kind of example is this for her daughter?? I am all for a little nip and tuck but she all out DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THE SAME PERSON! It’s not empowering, it’s pathetic. I am so sorry… I know some will disagree but it’s just my opinion about it. That being said,…ROCK ON TORI! NEVER STOP!

  15. Lucinda Blackletter says:

    I saw an interview with her recently on HuffPo Live and could not believe it was the same person. She has always been soooooooo unique and beautiful and I imagined she would age gracefully and naturally. I have read several post that have sited major health issues that required steroids which causes a lot of puffiness in the cheeks and face. I hope she is well and that this is not the result of yet more bad plastic surgery. 🙁

  16. Well.. Brow lift for sure.. nose.. hm.. on some pics you can still see the bump and the nose looks as it always was. Hair: there are rumours of alopecia… know that celebrity hair is abused a lot more than none celebs. She probably never had a lot of hair, but looked more with the curls. With age and damage, and the wig wearing to conceal, it might not be in the best state. Some of us are lucky with big heads of thick, full hair.. some of us.. well.. not.. Maybe she could do some hair implanting in the front, it will probably make the brow lift less apparent. I think the ‘weirder look’ is a combination of those two factors. And.. if you look at her mother.. honestly… she IS becoming very much like her mother who also looks like a pixie… where her sister obviously looks more like their dad. So, all things considered, I think Tori has not had as many PS’s as people might think. Skin is older, wrinkles are also present… and really, check out her mother..

  17. Kaspforeva says:

    I was a big fan for a long time. And I adored her face. There was a uniqueness about it. It even inspired me! But to see what she has done to her face saddens me. You would not think she would do such a thing from listening to her music and her interviews. She urges people to be themselves, not to sell-out to superficial things. And yet it seems she has done just that.
    I used to have a lovely poster of her, just showing her face , and the poster was right on the main wall of my apartment. Her face truly inspired me. It was just so beautiful. So so beautiful. I don’t know what to think of her…

  18. Adm Tech says:

    My God, she had such incredible natural beauty. Perfect in every aesthetic in terms of her eyes, mouth, cheek bones and hair. She had won the DNA lottery.

    I’ve seen pictures of her without make up when she was younger and she still looked incredible. Whoever told her this was a good idea should be fired instantly.

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