“Vampire” Plastic Surgery – Time To Inject Your Own Blood!

Well, this one isn’t quite plastic surgery nor is it a full facelift.

However, that hasn’t stopped some people enquiring about the latest technique in facial rejuvenation.

Twilight vampires (image hosted by wikipedia.org)In brief, the procedure involves taking a small quantity of a patient’s blood and injecting it like any other facial filler.

The term “vampire” has been coined simply and only because of the blood bit.

If you read this article expecting to find information about how to get fangs like Peter Cushing that’s a different subject all together.

Here’s article courtesy of Albany Times Union with the full story:

Newest Rage in Plastic Surgery “The Vampire Facelift™” Discussed …

Albany Times Union

“With the popularity of the “Twilight” books and movies, anything associated with vampires is gaining attention. The news media has presented interviews and stories regarding the latest rage in plastic surgery, “the Vampire Facelift” which is injections of patients own blood for the purpose of replacing volume loss caused by weight loss or natural aging. Many facelift patients of Dr. Delgado have been asking about the procedure but more out of curiosity.”

Would you consider having a technique like this if it meant injecting your own blood and there was a good chance it would make you look younger?

Or does the idea of blood injections fill you with horror?

Please leave your comment below and let us know.



  1. Joyce Luna says:

    Blood injections? Its according to how much I needed it. I do not intend to have any surgery unless I have
    an accident. I might DO A FILLER if I do it myself. Nothing serious tho.