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Has Victoria Principal Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Many people want to know how Victoria Principal has such flawless skin.

On January 3, 1950, Victoria Principal was born. She became a famous actress and is well known for he role as Pamela Barnes Ewing on the television show Dallas.

Victoria Principal before and after (image hosted by

She was on the show for 10 years starting in 1978. She was actually born in Japan and her grandparents were immigrants from Italy.

Since her father was in the military, she grew up all over the world and attended a total of 17 different schools.

Victoria Principal before and after surgery? 1984 and 2008 (image hosted by was in her first television commercial at the age of 5. While she was in college studying medicine, she was injured in a car accident. It took her months to recover, and would need to repeat her first year of studies. So, she decided to pursue an acting career.

Victoria Principal Surgery Speculations

Many people have speculated that Victoria Principal has had plastic surgery.

There are many pictures that are supposed to be celebrity before and after plastic surgery pictures. Because of these pictures, it is a good assumption that she has had plastic surgery, even though she will not comment on it.

She does believe in plastic surgery, she just will not talk about if she has had it done. If she has in fact had any plastic surgery, it is definitely a good job, and not a case of awful plastic surgery. There are many photos of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong, and none of these exist of Victoria Principal.

Victoria's Principal before and after photos (image hosted by Principal could be compared to Heather Locklear. They both are close in age, and have seemingly flawless skin that somehow never ages.

So, one would assume that they have both had plastic surgery. She could also be compared to Linda Evans who also has flawless skin and is around the same age. All of these celebrities have not aged one bit, and certainly look like they have had some help.

Is ‘Principal Secret’ The Cosmetic Surgery Antidote?

She claims that she has never had a face lift (see natural alternatives to facelifts) or professional peel or lasers.

Victoria Principal owns a skin care line called Principal Secret. She claims that using her own products keeps her face looking like it does. She will not answer questions about whether she has ever had Botox however.

Victoria Principal Before and After Pictures

Many pictures have surfaced of Victoria Principle before and after plastic surgery.

Before and after plastic surgery? Victoria Principal' secret? (image hosted by is a noticeable difference in the lines on her face. There is also a difference in how wide her eyes are open in the pictures.

According to the Orange County Register, when she was asked about the plastic surgery, she said:

If I decide to do something, is there going to be a story about it? Absolutely not.”

So, the question remains, did Victoria Principal have plastic surgery or not?

By all evidence, it would appear that she has had something done to keep her youthful appearance. Time should have done more than it has to her face.

Not to mention, there has been a noticeable difference in the way her skin looks, and how her lines have disappeared.

Whatever the truth is, it is surely another ‘Principal Secret‘ that’s destined to remain that way.



  1. JM in San Diego CA says:

    I’ve had plastic surgery. Last year, I had what is called a “lid lift.” The real name is “blepharoplasty,” which is why they call it a lid lift. Ha!

    My upper eyelids had been getting puffy and drooping — no good reason except the passing of time. I started noticing it about five years ago and I let it go — for a while. The trigger was an new ID card photo (for my status as retired Navy) that made me look like I was in my eighties, rather than my sixties.

    It was a simple procedure in the doctor’s office. I reclined in a chair like I was at the dentist. The surgeon, his nurse and I chatted while he worked. It took about an hour and there was no pain to speak of. I noticed an immediate improvement the next morning when I took off the bandages. I looked close to normal in about a week and all done in about three weeks. It didn’t make me look _younger_ but it made me look _better_. (A few people did say it made me look younger. That’s not why I did it, but if that’s what they think, so be it.)

    Victoria Principal’s face appears stretched like a drum head. I would NEVER do that to myself. Did no one learn anything from Joan Rivers’ experience?????

  2. Who wrote this article with un researched content as fillers!? It appears to me Victoria has had fillers & botox.
    Victoria is 9 years older then Heather Locklear & despite the obvious plastic surgery Heather has had Heather still looks older then Victoria.
    Victoria has great skin integrity Heather does not. As far as mentioning Linda Evens in this article she is 72 years old right now & her skin looks older then 72 in my opinion. More importantly Linda Evens is 12 years older then Victoria another bad comparison.
    If you want to make comparisons how about Linda Carter & Victoria Principal! Linda CARTER is 62 & Victoria Principal is 64 both are ageless beauties with great skin!

  3. Yvette L.Fleming says:

    victoria is ugly and hurt Andy Gibb, and she will forever wiil be punished.

  4. Mary Adams says:

    She’s married to a plastic surgeon.Come on.

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