Wayne Newton

With all the pondering of who has had plastic surgery, the question has arisen about Wayne Newton.

Wayne Newton who was born April 3, 1942 is an American singer whose genre is a combination of classic and country.

Wayne Newton - has he had surgery? (image hosted by latimes.com)He has been a staple of entertainment in Las Vegas, Nevada having performed over 30,000 shows as a solo entertainer in Las Vegas over the last 40 years.

His performances have earned him several nicknames including Mr.Las Vegas, The Midnight Idol and Mr. Entertainment. Some of his more acclaimed pieces include such songs as “Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast“, which hit number 4 on Billboard, “Years“, and his acclaimed version in 1965 of “Red Roses for a Blue Lady“.

He also had a well known hit with the Newton Brothers called “Danke Schoen“, in 1963. This became his signature song. Of European and Native American decent, Newton has bridged the gap of the two worlds in his music. A showroom at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas is named after him.

Wayne Newton: had he had plastic surgery? (image hosted by plasticcelebritysurgery.com)

Here he is performing one of his famous numbers from 1972.

The Case For Wayne Newton & Cosmetic Surgery

However, as of late, Newton is gaining much recognition for something other than his music.

In his more recent appearances in Las Vegas and on “Dancing with the Stars“, there has been much speculation as to whether he has had plastic surgery.

One thing is for certain is he has had some alterations to his appearance. While true some men age more gracefully, and can look great at 65, with most everyone, wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process.

Wayne’s appearance suggests he has certainly done some altering of the normal aging process because of the wrinkle free appearance he gladly shows off.

His recent appearances have left the door open for a flurry of speculation. In fact in recent months a few commentaries about his appearance on the show have emerged from plastic surgeons and tabloids.

Wayne Newton’s Possible Surgical Enhancements

Part of the speculation has surrounded the fact that not only does his face lack the definable features of a 65 year old man, but his face in some ways lacks features.

A plastic surgeon recently posted a blog stating that he noticed Wayne Newton’s eyebrows were not only elevated, but that they didn’t move at all.

He pondered the possible reasons for this. Part of his summary was that he could have had botox on his forehead, which would account for his lack of wrinkles on his forehead, but his eyebrow problem he speculated was caused by something else.

He thought possibly he had botox on the forehead and quite possibly a browlift. Additional comments were made about a lack of skin above his eyelids, and questions about his sharp jawline.

Typically speaking it would be highly unusual for a man of his age to have these stark facial features. However,it is still more acceptable than some of the worst celebrity plastic surgery done on people like Kenny Rogers, Axl Rose or Burt Reynolds.

In a scathing online tabloid feature of worst male plastic surgeries, they outright accused Wayne of having plastic surgery that made him look leather faced.

It is truly sad that the reviews are so critical for celebrity plastic surgery as they attempt to improve their looks to retain their youthful face.

Yet it is disingenuous it seems to go to such great lengths to not just have a simple minor upgrade, but to make an all out to attempt to eradicate the aging process altogether.

Wayne Newton Before & After Pictures

What do you think? Has Wayne Newton has cosmetic surgery?

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  2. kenneth Templeton says:

    mr newman, you are a kickass innertainer,singer,actor, and as a alphamale i can tell you that you are a very nice looking man, and i can pick out your voice, after about 3 words, or bars of music. i have seen you in a couple of tv programs, but the one that sticks out in my mind most of all would be, I would say at approx 1965 you sang a song on Bonanza, im not sure how old mr newton was at the time, i do know it was a re-run because i was born in 1966, and if there was a gun to my head i would say wayne was a very young 20. and if he is sastisfied with the face surgery, im sure wayne newton don’t mind one bit to tell you, me or the prez, where to get off, GO mr wayne Newton . you are the coolest of the cool left from the old School.

  3. Doesn’t anybody remember Wayne Newton when he first hit it big with Donkeshain? He was a kid about 14 yo whose voice hadn’t changed, had Dutch Boy haircut, friendly smile, and looked NOTHING LIKE the man who now performs in Vegas. I was working at the Astrodome in Houston when Wayne Newton was a headliner during a big show and he was just a friendly sweet “kid.” I hope he’s still as nice – and have no reason to think otherwise – but he sure has dramatically changed his appearance and not for the better.

  4. Did he use the same plastic surgeon Kenny Rogers used ??

  5. Arthur Rossman says:

    Newton now looks like’ The Joker’ played by Jack Nickelson in the Batman movie!

  6. come on, we all know he did many years ago. this is old news

  7. I know that Wayne Newton has had multiple plastic surgeries to his face. I met him at a meet and greet in Vegas and when he spoke, the sound came out from a part in his hair.

  8. Beauregarde says:

    Decades ago me & the missus used to see Wayne Newton out in Vegas many times. Wonderful entertainer. Then we heard he had bankruptcies galore. Then we heard he started having face-lifts, tummy-tucks, and all sorts of plastic surgeries. I think it’s his own business if he wants to ruin his looks. He was always an extremely portly male and should’ve had liposuction instead of those face-lifts. I heard he was pushing 400 pounds. It would’ve done him some good, but now I realize that he’s way way over-the-hill and over age 71. So he’s no spring chicken by any means. But he do have talent. He do. I don’t know how many Danke Shoen’s he has left in the old carcass, but I think he should give liposuction a try. I don’t think he’s performing in Vegas any more. Any one know? The missus always loved his voice. I thought his voice never made it past puberty! Oh well, a lot of little old blue-haired ladies still love Wayne, so I should just leave it right there. But I’m not! Has anyone noticed that he’s never had one gray hair among that extremely thick mane? Always blacker than black hair that never ever shines. Even when he’s performing under the spotlights, his black hair never ever ever shines. My hat is off to you Mr. Newton. It takes guts to keep dying your hair coal-black with those toxins and carcinogens month after month, year after year, without any consequences. Oh, the things our stars have to do to retain stardom!!

  9. Phosphorina Mae says:

    Well, in today’s American society many people resort to plastic surgery for various reasons. I believe Mr. Newton is within his personal rights and decisions to do whatever he wants to his physical body no matter the disastrous outcome. We all have to deal with our good and bad decisions in life. It is unfortunate that Mr. Newton’s facial features are such that they attract concern and/or shock. Some of us can accept the changes that age brings upon us—others cannot deal well with it. I do not know if Mr. Newton has outright denied the use of plastic surgery, but the aging process in a man in his sixties has certain features. He does not exhibit those. So a logical person can only conclude the use of plastic surgery that has been less than appealing. Mr Newton’s facial features are unusual now. That is because the public that has known him down through the many decades of his illustrious career have noticed his facial features change at various junctures in time. And those features have progressed from handsome to excessively unnatural. Still, Mr. Newton’s decisions in this matter are his own personal business.

  10. Dowager Dumpling says:

    Although Mr. Newton has never been among my top favorites (and he and I are of similar age), I truly felt sorry for (and uncomfortable with) present appearance tonight (with Kim Russo, Medium). I thought that he had been in a fire or something and had a “clever plastic surgeon” put his melted skin back where it belonged. The poor man! Kenny Rogers and Joan Rivers seem to have ALL fallen for a “young man’s game of futility”?

  11. I think he has ruined the looks of his face so much. He should have left his looks alone. He used to be such a handsome man but now he is awful looking and I certainly wouldn’t pay any money to go see him in Vegas or Branson now. I have always dreamed of someday getting to see him in person performing in one of his live concerts or in Vegas if I had had the money to go.

    Now that I am 64 I don’t believe it would be to my advantage to go see him now. I just wish he had left his looks alone. What on earth made him do such a thing as this. He would have aged gracefully. Look at Frank Sinatra. He looked so good at his age and he never had to resort to any kind of cosmetic surgery in order to stay looking the way he did even at the age of 80.

    Wow. What some people will go to just to try to keep from getting older. It is so sad that they do this.

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